Poetry Pack: What is poetry?Quick View

Poetry Pack: What is poetry?

Poetry Pack. Thorough pack of lesson plans exploring a wide range of poetry and poetic form. Originally intended for SATs but still very useful. (Year 9)

By TesEnglish

Unseen Poetry Comparison: Holocaust PoetryQuick View

Unseen Poetry Comparison: Holocaust Poetry

Two lessons on comparing two unseen poems Including: Poetic techniques match-up Top-tips for poetry success Guided annotations to the poem 'Vultures' with questions Guided annotations to the poem 'Postcard 4' with questions A comparative table with colour-coordinated PETE paragraphs and example paragraphs Self/teacher assessment Assessment Objective checklist featuring WWW and EBI.

By lhowellpratt

Riddles-poetryQuick View


Here is some work on riddles i did with my year 3 class. I hope you find it helpful.

By dylan66

Unseen PoetryQuick View

Unseen Poetry

Lesson exploring how to write an answer on an unseen poem called "AT SEA". Suggests techniques for students to identify and provides the poem with questions for the board and a sample PEE answer to model for students

By CatnipEvergreen

Animal PoetryQuick View

Animal Poetry

An introductory unit for poetry that I currently use for Year 7. Our Year 7 groups are mixed ability and therefore there are clear opportunities for differentiation throughout through the use of challenge questions and support grids for writing P.E.E. paragraphs. Lessons usually adopt an unseen approach then leading on to a greater level of in depth analysis, employing some early GCSE skills such as unseen approaches, annotation and evaluation of texts and close analysis of language. The scheme consists of 83 slides and covers: 'The Eagle' - Tennyson 'Snake' -D.H. Lawrence 'Hyena' - Edwin Morgan 'The Jaguar' - Hughes 'I'm a Parrot' and 'Iguana Memory' - Nichols Students usually end up doing a poetry comparison between two poems. These are again differentiated in accordance with the needs of the group. The 'Hyena' lesson is adapted from another user.

By AmyLeanne91

Unseen PoetryQuick View

Unseen Poetry

1hr PP with differentiated tasks and worksheets, a GCSE introduction All tasks differentiated according to new GCSE numbering system Complete 1 hour, well differentiated lesson Suitable for KS4 or adapted for KS3 Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop: Lead Practitioner's Shop.

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Rainforest PoetryQuick View

Rainforest Poetry

'Who lives here?' PowerPoint introduces a 'conversation' poem about the creatures and habitat of the rainforest. It provides a structured step by step lesson to support composition. It also allows reinforcement of parts of speech particularly verbs and prepositions. Extended poetry task also provided for variety and possible differentiation. Several verse examples are provided for clarity. Rainforest booklet is provided for children to write their final draft for display or poetry portfolio. 'Rainforest List Poem' PowerPoint continues with a poetic theme and uses a simple format to motivate composition. This clear, concise and colourful presentation leads the learners step by step through the composition of a list poem based on a 'rainforest' theme. There is a grammar element throughout with an emphasis on nouns, adjectives and 'ing' verbs. I have found a poetry context an effective way to embed incidental grammar teaching. Although the outcome is a simple list poem, it can easily be differentiated for older learners. This would involve extending each line using e.g. adverbs or an additional clause. Children are encouraged to compose an opening line, closing line and' list' lines inbetween.

By Alice K

Comparison of poetry Quick View

Comparison of poetry

AQA Conflict. Comparison of Remains and War Photographer. Lesson providing students with the structure/frame to write a poetry comparison essay.

By shongololo1

Fabulous Food Poetry: Synaesthesia / sense poetryQuick View

Fabulous Food Poetry: Synaesthesia / sense poetry

A PPT focusing on writing poetry inspired by food with ideas and poems and comments about writing inspired by national poetry day.Includes examples of writing from students and well know poets, Mark Strand (Eating Poetry), Monaza Alvi (Indian Cooking), Tony Bradman (The Sweet), Michael Rosen (Hot Food), Matthew Sweeney (Fishbones Dreaming) and Anita Marie Sackett (Sun Slice) HM

By HarrisSchool

WJEC/EDUQAS Poetry AnthologyQuick View

WJEC/EDUQAS Poetry Anthology

A selection of recap lessons covering all 18 poems in the anthology. Also included is a series of 18 PowerPoint presentations covering all AOs for each of the poems. This has proven really successful for my current year 11s to allow them the opportunity to quickly revise the poems.

By RuthRebekah

The Emigree - Rumens - Poetry AnalysisQuick View

The Emigree - Rumens - Poetry Analysis

(GCSE KS4 1hr PP New Spec - differentiated tasks) Differentiated according to new GCSE gradings For Paper 2 Literature New Spec Complete 1 hour, well differentiated lesson with worksheets Suitable for KS4 or adaptable for KS3 Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above

By Lead_Practitioner

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Unseen Poetry - AQA LiteratureQuick View

Unseen Poetry - AQA Literature

Various resources which focus on AQA Lit - Paper 2 - Unseen Poetry Includes; -Lesson plans -Activity worksheets -Self-Assessment criteria

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