Rock CycleQuick View

Rock Cycle

L.O. To use the rock cycle to explain how the material in rocks is recycled. Perfect for key stage 3.
The Rock Cycle Card sort activityQuick View

The Rock Cycle Card sort activity

These are 12 picture cards each describing a different stage of the rock cycle. They can be cut out and arranged by the students. Could be a 15 minute activity on its own, or could be a longer activity if you ask the students to use the cards as a basis for making their own poster.
Rock types and the rock cycleQuick View

Rock types and the rock cycle

This lesson considers the main rock types and students complete and make a comparison pyramid to display in the classroom or in their books. Students then examine the rock cycle and have a variety of key terms and phrases to include in how rocks change shape and state as they journey through the cycle. There is also a homework task to consolidate learning.
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KS3 Rock cycle revision mat

Revision mat for KS3 science topics "rock cycle". Includes revision the rock cycle, different forms of weathering, acid rain and the structure of the Earth. Includes completed revision mat.
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The Rock Cycle

We are always looking for ways of making our lessons more exciting and accessible to the pupils, doing something different in a different way to make a difference. Enterprising teaching and learning by any other name. Here I offer a lesson that I have taught to a low ability year 7. The topic was ‘The Rock Cycle’ and I wanted to show how through the application of heat and pressure you could change the structure of the rocks (i.e. how metamorphic rock is formed). This is a difficult concept for some pupils to grasp. So what better way to demonstrate this concept than by making CHEESE TOASTIES. Please have a go at teaching the lesson and make a difference through doing something different in a different way.
The Rock CycleQuick View

The Rock Cycle

This was an Ofsted LP I put together for my low ability Y8's the connector activity would be better on A3 paper to help them you will have to put together a few of your own statements for the Activation as can't fine the file I used, sorry. They loved making the rock cycle using all sorts of objects including jelly beans, glitter and rainbow drops ! enjoy and leave some feedback please
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Activate 2 C2.4.4 The rock cycle

Based on Activate 2 SoW. Presentation covers the 4th lesson of chapter C2.4 The Earth. Presentation contains -Bell work activity -Lesson objective and success criteria -Information slides -Challenge and demonstrate understanding activities -Practical activity (where appropriate) -Summary questions (inc QWC) -Peer and self-assessment Aimed at a mixed ability class. Compiled from various sources
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KS3 Science: The Rock Cycle

5th lesson in the year 8 science module, The Earth - written alongside the 'Activate' textbooks and assessments. This resource contains a powerpoint and scheme of work. The powerpoint covers the theory along with student tasks. ** Also available in a bundle.


This resource bundle will test and challenge students knowledge on the various rock types, their formation and uses, and the transformation of one rock type into the other. Answers have also been provided to support students learning.
Rock Cycle: Science Escape RoomQuick View

Rock Cycle: Science Escape Room

This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the rock cycle. Full “Letter” sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided. Contents: ♦ Teacher Instructions with Usage Guide and FAQ ♦ 20 Multiple Choice Questions ♦ 5 Decoders for each of the 5 Levels ♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key ♦ Large Sized Cards and Smaller ♦ Link to an optional, but recommended, digital breakout room
Rocks, Geological Timescale and the Rock CycleQuick View

Rocks, Geological Timescale and the Rock Cycle

This lesson is the first lesson in the series that covers the rocks and geology lessons for the introduction to the scheme of work published on TES for 'Rocks, resources and tectonics'. Students explore the timescale and the formation of rocks in addition to using several geographical skills. Students can use the self assessment grid to track their progress for this lesson and subsequent lessons in the series.
Rock and Rock Cycle Scavenger Hunt - An ActivityQuick View

Rock and Rock Cycle Scavenger Hunt - An Activity

Rock and Rock Cycle Scavenger Hunt This scavenger hunt introduces to students an information and basics about the Rocks, their formation, types and rock cycle on earth. There are 24 scavenger hunt cards with colourful pictures. It’s a great tool for to review vocabulary on rock cycle. Preview images may have reduced picture quality due to jpeg file. But original .pdf file contains clear images. Directions to use ‘Rock and Rock Cycle Scavenger Hunt’ Purpose: At the end of this ‘scavenger hunt on rock and rock cycle’ students will be able to learn on vocabulary of rock cycle and science behind it. 1. Print the given all 24 cards on a card stock or any other good paper and cut them along the black line. 2. Get the print of Scavenger Hunt questions pages and each student should be given this copy. 3. Place printed Scavenger Hunt cards around the classroom. For example you can place it on chair, on table, on benches, behind the classroom doors, besides the computer or wherever you like. 4. Students have to search the cards in a classroom in order to find out the answers of the questions. Students can complete this exercise in a group with classmate or alone. You will find lots more in my store, including math, science, ELA, activities/craftivity, special education, interactive activities, and more!
Rock Cycle Crossword PuzzleQuick View

Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle

Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle: is a fun vocabulary review for students and contains the following: 1. Blank Version without word bank 2. Blank Version with word bank 3. Answer Key 4. Vocabulary Words: ♦ Composition ♦ Erosion ♦ Geology ♦ Igneous Rock ♦ Lava ♦ Magma ♦ Metamorphic Rock ♦ Metamorphism ♦ Mineral ♦ Rock ♦ Rock Cycle ♦ Sediment ♦ Sedimentary Rock ♦ Stratification ♦ Texture ♦ Weathering
The rock cycleQuick View

The rock cycle

Pupils are to explore each stage of the rock cycle and collect information, which will be used to help answer an exam question.


This worksheet tests students understanding of the processes involved in the transformation of one rock type to the other, and weathering of rocks. Answers have also been provided.
Rocks, minerals, soil, rock cycle, weathering, erosion, types of rocks KS2 KS3 scienceQuick View

Rocks, minerals, soil, rock cycle, weathering, erosion, types of rocks KS2 KS3 science

This resource includes a highly visual 34-slide PowerPoint presentation, scaffolded notes for pupils, and a worksheet. In this resource, pupils will learn... 1) to compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties 2) to recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter 3) the rock cycle and the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks 4) to understand how cooling and solidifying of magma results in formation of igneous rocks. 
 5) to understand that sedimentary rocks are made by processes which include the deposition of rock fragments or organic material, or as a result of evaporation. 
 6) to understand how rock fragments are transported by flowing water or wind, and how grain size affects transport and settling of sediment; understand how landscape can be eroded. 
 7) to understand that metamorphic rocks are formed by action of heat and pressure on existing rocks. 
 8) to understand the meaning of the term ‘mineral’. 
 9) to know how forces generated by expansion, contraction and the freezing of water can lead to the physical weathering of rocks. 
 10) to know the different layers of a soil profile I hope you find this resource helpful.