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Substitution ONESIE

Colourful differentiated ONESIE worksheet. Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy. **Supplied with answers.**
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Substituting into Formulae

Complete lesson on substituting into formulae. Teaching slides introducing the concept of a Formula followed by plenty of examples and practice questions ranging from substituting into the formula for the area of a rectangle up to substituting into E=mc^2. 18 slides as follows: Two different starters recapping substituting into expressions. Title slide with learning objective. Teaching slide to aid explaining the difference between an equation and a formula. Slide going over some basic formula students already know. Teaching slide: area of a rectangle formula. Teaching slide: area of a triangle formula. Practice questions slide with answers. Teaching slide: speed formula. Teaching slide: power formula. Practice questions slide with answers. Teaching slide: area of a trapezium formula. Teaching slide: volume of a pyramid formula. Practice questions slide with answers. Teaching slide: Einstein's formula. Practice questions slide with answers. Choice of two plenaries to round off the lesson.
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Good plenary / starter resource on substitution based on blooms taxonomy. Check similar sheets on percentages and multipliers. More topics to follow soon.
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A selection of activities, games and worksheets looking at substitution For more resources like this take a look at
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Substitution Lesson

A series of lessons (2-4) based on substitution. The lesson has separate tasks for positive and negative numbers and also allows pupils to work with shape problems. The lesson then stretches pupils to deal with substituting in to mathematical forumlae. I have used formulae such as Pythagoras, Trapezium, Sine and Cosine aswell as volume of cones/spheres in order to prepare for pupils for these formulas at KS4. Quadratic Formula is also included. All tasks are differentiated either 3 or 4 levels. All tasks have solutions so pupils can self mark with some of the solutions handwritten so pupils can see a full worked solutions. This has been used with classes of varying ability and all have been able to access the lesson up to their desired ability. There are problem solving tasks, reasoning tasks ect to suit the new 9-1 curriculum. This has been taught to top set year 7 and set 3 year 10 who were fully engaged and liked the challenge of working with new formulae.
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Well structured lesson on substitution with differentiated tasks, answers and mini-plenaries to assess and secure understanding of topic. Mini-plenaries have been designed to encourage higher order questioning. Enjoy.
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Mega Substitution Grid

This is an activity I use with my students after we have covered substitution into expressions. Students are given the MEGA substitution grid and a mini whiteboard/their exercise book and must substitute the values given in each column into the expressions in each row. The grid should be completely filled in. There are a few parts of the grid already filled in for the teacher to go through with the class - ensuring they are able to see how the values have been achieved. All answers included in the ppt. Grid displayed on the board throughout the activity so the teacher can refer to as students ask questions. The activity involves substituting integer values (positive, negative and zero) into simple expressions (including negatives), those with squared terms and brackets.
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Substitution worksheet

A worksheet requiring pupils to substitute a range of numbers into a range of expressions. Change the numbers and expressions to alter difficulty.
Substitution Lesson - Including Quizzes, Worksheet and Model Answers on Substituting .Quick View

Substitution Lesson - Including Quizzes, Worksheet and Model Answers on Substituting .

Updated 22nd September 2017 (All answers are provided) I've designed this resource to allow students to start to understand substitution from the basics upwards. It begins with a stopwatch starter asking students to simplify basic algebraic expressions. This leads to a restaurant menu activity and a class discussion about how they intrinsically know how to substitute to find the total cost. I've found it's important to look at the language of mathematics to help students understanding. I find a perfect activity for this topic is connections, here students have to make links related to substitution and the words on the page, I've provided an example and then some possible answers for this. This means moving forward I can use mathematical language, such as variable, and be sure the students understand it's meaning. Afterwards there is a quick true or false activity with the answers, you could do this as a mini whiteboard activity, class discussion, group task or silent focus. I personally use this with whiteboards and hammer out the misconceptions. It is a good tool in getting the students to practise providing explanations and reasons verbally for their answers. I've then modelled 4 different examples of varying ability and these appear step by step and include examples with negative numbers. There is then a catchphrase quiz activity which I find useful to hammer out any misconceptions the students may have. (The answers or on the next slide for this, some teachers may find it useful to jot these down or print that slide before completing the interactive activity). The catchphrase is bad hair day. The resource then in includes a differentiated focused activity which progressively gets harder. This gives students a chance to master and enhance their skills. It includes 4 separate sections a skill 1 & 2 and a stretch 1 & 2. These are all displayed on the same slide for ease of use. (Answers are provided) Then to finish there is an application on how this could be seen in an exam situation including answers. I hope you find this resource as useful as my students have. Miss B
Substituting into Formulae and Expressions - GCSEQuick View

Substituting into Formulae and Expressions - GCSE

An interactive activeteach lesson for pupils in learners in Year 10 and 11 on Substituting formulae and expression. In this lesson, learners are able to substitute numerical values into formulae and expressions, including scientific formulae. Lesson can be used as whole class teaching by teachers and at home by learners. Lots of drag and drop activity with instant feedback. To access online choose the multiscreen.html file. To access offline choose the swf file. Contains 22 Interactive pages
Halogenoalkanes/Alkyl Halides: Naming, Substitution, EliminationQuick View

Halogenoalkanes/Alkyl Halides: Naming, Substitution, Elimination

A 58 slide PowerPoint covering the topic of halogenoalkanes (AKA alkyl halides). The PowerPoint has enough content for three distinct lessons: 1) Naming and Drawing 2) Substitution 3) Elimination Mechanisms are outlined for each substitution with a small introduction to drawing mechanisms. There is an assumption of basic knowledge of organic chemistry such as nomenclature (alkanes). Each area has an accompanying worksheet with questions for students, there are also answers for the teacher. I have also included a key information summary sheet for each mechanism (ideal as a handout). This resource is based around the AQA A-Level chemistry specification, however, it should be easily applicable to other specifications.
Substituting into a formulaeQuick View

Substituting into a formulae

Ideal Substituting into a formula lesson for year 7 (high ability) or as a recap lesson for other years. Starter to check prior algebra knowledge and extension task included.
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A pupil friendly literacy activity on order of operations. Students are provided with a word bank and aim to complete the blanks in text.
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Powerpoint: view in slideshow. Substituting and formula building.
Algebra - Substitution RevisionQuick View

Algebra - Substitution Revision

Questions relating to substitution ... Definition and how it works ... Questions "Harry's Greasy Fish 'n Chip Shop" "Superfix Garage" This PowerPoint can be adapted by changing to £ all the USA Dollar signs ...
Free Radical Substitution A Level OCRQuick View

Free Radical Substitution A Level OCR

A Powerpoint presentation covering free radical substitution from the OCR new A-level specification. Lesson covers what is homolytic fission, steps in a free radical substitution reaction and why free radical substitution leads to a mixture of products. Contains questions on slides, so no printing required.