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Tes Digital - £40 Annual subscription

Pay just £40 for your first year and enjoy unlimited access to Tes magazine articles, videos and content. Your subscription will then renew at £59 per year (the equivalent to £14.75 per quarter and a saving of 22%!)

Tes Digital - £3 Quarterly Subscription

Pay £3 for your first 3 months and enjoy unlimited access to Tes magazine articles and videos. Your subscription will renew at £19 per quarter.

Whole School Access

Provide all your staff with access to the latest education news, analysis, and teaching and learning knowledge, anytime, anywhere with a Tes Magazine school-wide subscription.

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What we offer

  • Unlimited magazine access on web, smartphone and tablet
  • Exclusive, subscriber-only content including long-reads and videos
  • Daily and weekly newsletters
  • Access to archive content
  • Save your favourite articles and gift them to your colleagues