Will the next step in your career journey take you to China?

There are rapidly multiplying opportunities for teachers interested in experiencing the rich culture and history of China. If awe-inspiring sights, dynamic cities and lush landscapes are what you're looking for, it's worth finding out a little more about China...

Teaching in China

*Figures from Relocate Magazine

*Figures from Relocate Magazine

Living in China

Living in China

Whilst some of the cities can be expensive, low tax rates mean that many relocating to China can enjoy a higher standard of living than in their home country.

The sheer size of China means a very varied climate depending on where you go, from bitter winters in the North to long, hot summers in the south.

Figures from Relocate MagazineHoliday Weather and Numbeo.

Things to do

Explore Buddhist art at the Mogao Grottoes, visit one of the world's most famous archaeological discoveries, the Terracotta Army, stroll along the edge of the beautiful West Lake or peruse the lively Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong.

Teachers in Beijing have the Forbidden City on their doorstep and are close to some of the most majestic sections of The Great Wall. 

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