Will the next step in your career journey take you to Latin America?

Latin America covers a diverse range of countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, with some of the most welcoming, warm cultures in the world. For exciting cultural experiences and incredible landscapes, you can’t go wrong in Latin America.

Teaching in Latin America

Living in Latin America

Living in Latin America

Immerse yourself in warm and welcoming communities and enjoy a much lower cost of living compared to many other popular teaching abroad destinations.

Latin American countries offer a huge variety in climates and landscapes, from hot and humid jungle to tropical islands to cooler mountainous regions.

Figures from Holiday WeatherNumbeo and an April 2019 Tes survey of over 4500 global teachers.

Things to do

Study Spanish or Portuguese, surf along beeches straight out of paradise, learn to samba, climb into the mountains amongst ancient ruins - whatever your passion, the varied cultures and climates of Latin America can offer a rich life outside the classroom.

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