Will the next step in your career journey take you to the North East?

If beautiful landscapes, rich culture, close-knit communities and a low cost of living appeal to you, then maybe teaching and living in North East England could be right up your street.

For teachers eager to be at the centre of the action, there's Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham and large towns like Hartlepool and Middlesbrough. For those looking for a more relaxed, rural lifestyle, you can explore the towns and villages surrounding it's stunning coastline, Northumberland National Park and the Pennines.

Teaching in North East England

Schools in the North East boast the lowest pupil to teacher ratio outside Inner London, with just 17.5 pupils to each teacher.

Stats from DfE report on Schools workforce in England 2010 to 2015: trends and geographical comparisons.

Teachers in the North East seem to be the most content, with the lowest rate of teachers leaving the profession in the country.

Stats from DfE report on Schools workforce in England 2010 to 2015: trends and geographical comparisons.

Living in North East England

Living in North East England

With low house prices and a low cost of living, you can enjoy more disposable income in the cities and towns of the North East. Newcastle upon Tyne is ranked 3rd in the list of UK cities with the most income after household spend.

The region also has great transport links and has some of the lowest commuting times in the country. With two major international airports as well as excellent road, rail and sea links, the North East is well connected for commuting and travelling.

Data taken from UK House Price Index 2018 and ABC Finance.

Things to do

The North East is famous for its friendliness and hospitality. It offers world-class music venues, a thriving comedy scene and more theatres per person than anywhere in the UK. With two World Heritage sites, Durham Cathedral and Hadrian’s Wall, it’s an area steeped in a rich cultural heritage.

With three major football clubs plus world class golf, cricket and rugby teams, the region has a love of sport and is probably most well-known for hosting the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half marathon. If you prefer playing sports rather than watching it has a fantastic coastline for diving, sailing and outdoor pursuits and beautiful countryside.