Will the next step in your career journey take you to Southeast Asia?

Considering moving to Southeast Asia? Countries in this region include Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, along with a whole host of others. Working in these countries offers the chance to experience a whole new way of living, from food to brand new cultures, whether you are on a small island in the south of Thailand or a busy, multi-cultural city like Kuala Lumpar. With so much to do and so much to see, being based in Southeast Asia gives you a perfect base to experience the country you’re working in plus many of those that surround it. International schools in Southeast Asia are opening up each year, meaning the opportunity to teach in these countries has never been higher.

Teaching in Southeast Asia

*Figures from Relocate Magazine

*Figures from Relocate Magazine

Living in Southeast Asia

When you imagine Southeast Asia…more often than not it’s blue seas and sandy beaches. It turns out that’s not all there is to attract teachers to its far-flung shore. If community is important to you, then a move to Southeast Asia could be for you. 67% of teachers describe the people in their community as 'very' or 'extremely' friendly. Teachers there also say they have a great relationship with their colleagues, and students and work/life balance are what they love most about the job.

Figures from Holiday WeatherNumbeo and an April 2019 Tes survey of over 4500 global teachers.

Things to do

Southeast Asia has it all: mountains, beaches, rivers, rice paddies, ancient temples, world heritage sites, tiny ethnic villages and huge cosmopolitan cities.

Its diverse landscape, climate and numerous attractions give you the opportunity to travel on your doorstep. From famous stopping points such as the Angkor Wat temples, the islands of southern Thailand, or the museums in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, there’s so much to do.

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