'Giving to help others' Assembly

‘Giving to help others’ (http://givingtohelpothers.org) primary school assembly pack is an age appropriate presentation developed by teachers for teachers and it is linked to the KS1 and KS2 PSHE curriculum.

Founded by charity Team Margot Foundation in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, ‘Giving to help others’ introduces primary school children to the concept of giving blood, platelets, bone marrow, stem cells and ultimately organs so that this type of conversation becomes the ‘norm’ rather than the exception. Although the children are too young to donate, the hope is that they go home and tell their adult loved ones at home and within their communities that they are able to help others now.

The assembly pack is free and easily downloadable from the website givingtohelpothers.org. No pre-work is required because the PowerPoint presentation includes teacher notes to compliment the short animated video alongside a series of questions to help the children’s understanding. There is also text available that can be sent to parents / carers either before the assembly or afterwards in a newsletter.

If preferred, the ‘Giving to help others’ assembly pack can also be given within the classroom. The delivery of ‘Giving to help others’ takes approximate 20 minutes.

Please note that a new module on Blood is currently being developed for Year 6 and it will fit in with the STEM Statutory National Curriculum, as well as touching on the PSHE KS2 Association Programme of Study. It will also have strong links to the English Curriculum as well as Science and PSHE. New modules will be added annually to the ‘Giving to help others’ education programme.


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