'How to use Bondaweb' helpsheet

I made this sheet for my year 7's who were struggling to remember how to use Bondaweb correctly.

To save in photocopying expenses the step by step guide with hand drawn images has been produced three times on one A4 piece of paper. It can be used a resource for all years.

Hope this helps!

Note I have now changed the spelling error.

JPEG file.


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    CGrowney2 years agoReport

    Brilliant - v helpful although if you get the chance to edit there is a minor typo - "rough"... I've just adjusted it on the copy I've printed and think my students will find it v useful, thank you

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    ktminder2 years agoReport

    Thank you for sharing this, especially explaining about letters and numbers having to be reversed, confirmed my thoughts, the instructions on packaging do not include this very important info. Thank you.

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    rikrak4 years agoReport

    Great work - thanks very much, this might stop some pupil's burning it to the bottom of the iron! :-)

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    nisa19694 years agoReport

    Excellent. Thank you very much :-)

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    finamar6 years agoReport

    Can't open it. Cannot open the file. Could you copy it into a word file?

Jan 24, 2010
Jun 3, 2015

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