Health and Safety in Design and TechnologyQuick View

Health and Safety in Design and Technology

<p>This resource contains interactive tasks for Ks3 students<br /> the contents of this resource includes.</p> <ul> <li>video</li> <li>worksheets</li> <li>powerpoint presentation</li> </ul> <p>The resource can be used to introduce students to the hazards that may arise within a workshop and rules they must follow.</p>
Design Technology QuizQuick View

Design Technology Quiz

<p>Here you have a Design Technology Quiz, tried and tested with KS3 and GCSE students studying DT. The quiz is interactive throughout using Hyperlinks navigating to the correct and incorrect answers which appear clearly on the screen for students to see.</p> <p>The quiz contains 23 questions and covers:<br /> environmental impact, selecting the correct materials, textiles fabrics, obsolescence and standard components and their function.</p> <p>This Quiz has been tried and tested and has had fantastic feedback from students and teachers. It is great for a specialist teacher or a non-specialist teacher during a DT cover lesson.</p> <p>You may also be interested in:<br /> <a href="">Made for teachers Shop</a></p> <p><a href="">Design Technology Theory Lessons </a></p> <p><a href=";q=design%20technology&amp;shop=Made_for_teachers">Design Technology Cover Worksheets</a></p> <p><a href="">Complete Food Lesson Bundle</a></p> <p><a href="">AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition Nea 1 &amp; 2 Coursework Guidance &amp; Exam/Mock Questions Preparation</a></p> <p><a href="">EDUQAS Food Preparation and Nutrition NEA 1 &amp; 2 Coursework Guidance &amp; Exam/Mock Questions Preparation</a></p> <p><a href="">Food Written Exam/Mock Questions and Revision <strong>suitable for all exam boards</strong> (Larger Bundle</a></p> <p><a href="">GCSE Food Exam/Mock Questions with Model Answers BUNDLE<strong>suitable for all exam boards</strong> (smaller Bundle)</a></p>
Smart Materials Design and TechnologyQuick View

Smart Materials Design and Technology

<p>Introduction to smart materials when you just don’t have enough time or resources to give everyone a smart material to experiment with.<br /> Good revision lesson too.</p> <p>Includes:<br /> Video link introduction<br /> Key Vocubulary<br /> Smart Material animations<br /> Mini Review<br /> Scaffolding Tasks<br /> Example GCSE Questions<br /> Exit Card.</p>
24 Lesson Starters for Design TechnologyQuick View

24 Lesson Starters for Design Technology

<p>A powerpoint of 24 lesson starters for Design Technology.</p> <p>Great for KS3 especially.</p> <p>Minimal preparation required, just need a projector!</p> <p>Topics cover resistant materials, graphics and product design.</p>
Design and Technology COVER activity sheetQuick View

Design and Technology COVER activity sheet

<p>I have created an A4 activity sheet for cover lessons in technology, there are 5 different problem solving task meaning that this can be used multiple times with the same group.</p> <p>It is also quite versatile and can be used across different year groups.</p>
Shell Structures Design and Technology KS2Quick View

Shell Structures Design and Technology KS2

<p>Design and Technology Lower KS2<br /> This unit of work was written for a year 3 class but can be used for year 4 too.<br /> It follows from structures unit that pupils should have learnt in KS1 e.g creating photo frames or houses for three little pigs etc.<br /> The unit includes development of knowledge and skills from the programmes of study for DT in Key Stage 2.<br /> A complete unit of work with lesson planning, Powerpoints and resources. Visuals and photos included for clear instructions<br /> Design inspirations for shell structures e.g natural and manufactured as well as suitable designers and engineers.<br /> Opportunities to plan and make a shell structure e.g using 3d nets of varying design as well as CAD.<br /> Pupils will construct a sandwich box or a trinket box and evaluate on an ongoing basis to see if the design is fit for purpose.<br /> Pupils will develop understanding of technical skills and explore cutting, joining and strengthening techniques.<br /> Thank you for choosing this and I can assure you - it will save you many hours of planning.</p>
AQA GCSE Design & technology bundleQuick View

AQA GCSE Design & technology bundle

8 Resources
<p>Bundle includes<br /> Theory lessons and worksheets covering all 3 sections of the GCSE exam<br /> Posters that cover the desgners and companies theory and environmental/ social issues<br /> 26 homework tasks<br /> An NEA guide</p>
GCSE Engineering + Design TechnologyQuick View

GCSE Engineering + Design Technology

<p>This powerpoint covers the majority of the GCSE AQA Engineering specification.</p> <p>Suitable for all examboards, and this powerpoint is complete with highlights to each part of the spec.</p> <p>Created for the 2022 Exams with Advanced Information, but the content will be examined for all exams.</p> <p>Can be used for DT revision.</p> <p>I achieved a Grade 9 in the Summer 2022 GCSE Exams using this booklet and received 80/80 in my NEA Component, achieving a grade 9 overall.</p>
Multiple Choice: Design, Technology and Engineering (6 Pack)Quick View

Multiple Choice: Design, Technology and Engineering (6 Pack)

6 Resources
<p>6 Multiple Choice Topics covering a wide range of areas in design and manufacture.</p> <ol> <li>Design Process</li> <li>Materials</li> <li>Tools and Equipment</li> <li>Manufacturing Processes</li> <li>Mechanisms</li> <li>Electronics</li> </ol> <p>Each Resource is a one-page, single-sided PDF, containing 25 multiple choice questions that can be used as a quick test or revision exercise.<br /> Questions are succinct and carefully worded to help students understand and retain key terms.<br /> Students enjoy these short exercises (especially self-marking and totalling their scores).<br /> Aimed at upper KS3 and equally practical for GCSE level.</p>
Design Technology Theory Bundle - AQA Exam RevisionQuick View

Design Technology Theory Bundle - AQA Exam Revision

14 Resources
<p>D&amp;T Theory AQA Lesson Bundle</p> <p>Can be used in conjunction with <a href="">D&amp;T Exam Revision &amp; Task Booklet- AQA </a></p> <p><strong>This bundle includes 14 engaging theory lessons linked to the Design Technology GCSE AQA Specification:</strong></p> <p>♦ Timbers and Metals<br /> ♦ Polymers<br /> ♦ Textiles &amp; New Materials<br /> ♦ Research &amp; Investigation<br /> ♦ Explore &amp; Develop Ideas<br /> ♦ Design Strategies<br /> ♦ Eco, Environmental &amp; Social<br /> ♦ Design Companies<br /> ♦ Work of Other Designers<br /> ♦ Electronic Systems<br /> ♦ Material Finishes<br /> ♦ Material Selection<br /> ♦ Mechanical Systems<br /> ♦ Standard Components</p> <p>These theory lessons do not require the use of specialist equipment or computers. Allowing the work to be set remotely or to be taught in non-specialist classrooms.</p>
Design and Technology Worksheet Booklet for 25 projectsQuick View

Design and Technology Worksheet Booklet for 25 projects

<p>Enhance your Design and Technology curriculum with our extensive 153-page PDF booklet of worksheets, carefully designed to support a whole school scheme of work. This invaluable resource progressively challenges students as they delve into exciting projects covering a wide range of topics.</p> <p>Inside this comprehensive package, you’ll find an array of engaging worksheets for designing, investigating, planning, and evaluating. Each project is thoughtfully crafted to provide students with hands-on learning experiences and foster their problem-solving skills.</p> <p>Projects included in this bundle:<br /> Moving pictures<br /> Playground equipment<br /> Fruit salad<br /> Homes<br /> Teddy vehicles<br /> Puppets<br /> Winding toys<br /> Coats<br /> Healthy snack packaging<br /> Sandwiches<br /> Moving monsters<br /> Photograph frames<br /> Money containers<br /> Pop-up book<br /> Alarms<br /> Lights<br /> Musical instruments<br /> Bread<br /> Moving toys<br /> Biscuits<br /> A shelter<br /> Slippers<br /> Fairground ride<br /> Controllable vehicle</p> <p>Equip your students with the tools they need to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills through exciting D&amp;T projects. This resource is perfect for educators seeking to implement a cohesive and engaging scheme of work. Don’t miss out on this must-have collection of D&amp;T worksheets!</p> <p><strong>Have any issues with this resource or a request? Contact us directly for the quickest response at: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></strong></p> <p>ks1 ks2 y1 y2 y3 y4 y5 y6</p> <p>subject lead leader art</p>
design and technology cover lessonsQuick View

design and technology cover lessons

3 Resources
<p>3 cover lessons across different materials backgrounds.</p> <p>polymers<br /> timbers<br /> metals</p> <p>all with knowledge organizers and activities for students to work on independently with minimal need for subject specialist intervention.</p>
Design and TechnologyQuick View

Design and Technology

<p>Design and Technology practice questions aimed at Year 7 students or as general revision at KS3. Also ideal for cover classes or as a homework.</p> <p>This worksheet is designed to be used in landscape orientation and can be printed in A4 format but A3 is advised for the maximum learning experience of the student.</p>
Design and technology GCSE revision bookletQuick View

Design and technology GCSE revision booklet

<p>A pic ‘n’ mix revision booklet for Design and Technology GCSE. 15 pages with 50 video explanations, 28 exam questions and over 50 revision tasks. To be used independently, during tutor time, supporting class revision for students and parent/carers.</p> <p>If a student <em>only</em> completes the definitions and watches the videos they should get a 4/5 grade in the exam. I created it for students who are disengaged with revision.</p> <p>For each topic there is:-</p> <ul> <li>video explanations</li> <li>definitions of key terms question</li> <li>exam questions</li> <li>further revision tasks</li> </ul> <p>The sections link to the AQA specification, however it is fully editable so you can adapt to fit other exam boards. It covers:</p> <ol> <li>Core technical principles</li> <li>Specialist technical principles - timber (although most are generic links/questions so can be adapted to other materials)</li> <li>Design and making principles</li> </ol> <p>Feedback welcome.</p>
Huge Primary Design and Technology Knowledge Organisers Bundle!Quick View

Huge Primary Design and Technology Knowledge Organisers Bundle!

15 Resources
<p>These clear, detailed and visually-appealing resources offer a complete reference point for children, teachers and parents building knowledge of the Primary Design and Technology curriculum. The organisers are clear, logical and fully aligned with the expectations of the National Curriculum.</p> <p>Included are organisers based on:<br /> -KS1 Structures: Freestanding Structures<br /> -KS2 Structures: Shell Structures;<br /> -KS2 Structures: Frame Structures;<br /> -KS1 Mechanisms: Slides and Levers;<br /> -KS1 Mechanisms: Wheels and Axles;<br /> -KS2 Mechanisms: Gears and Pulleys;<br /> -KS1 Textiles: Joining Techniques;<br /> -KS2 Textiles: Simple Sewing;<br /> -KS2 Textiles: More Complex Sewing;<br /> -KS2 Electrical Systems: Simple Circuits and Switches;<br /> -KS2 Electrical Systems: More Complex Circuits and Switches;<br /> -KS1 Food and Nutrition: Preparing Food<br /> -KS2 Food and Nutrition: Healthy and Varied Diet;<br /> -KS2 Food and Nutrition: Culture and Seasonality</p> <p>The resources are designed to be printed onto A3 (although can be printed onto A4), and are provided in both PDF and Word versions (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).</p>
Design & Technology Y7Quick View

Design & Technology Y7

<p>This is a 6-8 week lesson plan bundle. Consisting of 11 topics that are mentioned below. The lessons are planned with starters, learning objectives, main lessons and plenaries.</p> <p>Bundle:<br /> • PowerPoint slides (6-8 week lessons).<br /> • Booklet (also containing differentiated work for lower ability that can be found at the back).<br /> • End of booklet assessment.<br /> • Assessment mark scheme.</p> <p>Topics:<br /> • Health and safety.<br /> • Work expectations.<br /> • Design brief.<br /> • Task analysis.<br /> • DT brief intro (Resistant materials).<br /> • Machines and hand tools.<br /> • Production aids.<br /> • Product analysis.<br /> • Design ideas.<br /> • Design development.<br /> • Looking at the work of other designers.<br /> • Metals and alloys (extra lesson).</p>
Art and Design / Technology startersQuick View

Art and Design / Technology starters

This is a selection of images and objects for students to work out what objects are and to think outside the box. I use these as little starters to get students to think visually as soon as they come in the room. There is also images of everyday objects for students to think of other uses forcing them to be creative and inventive.
Design and Technology testQuick View

Design and Technology test

<p>Something to assess students ability in design and technology at the primary and secondary point. Can be used at either level.(6/7)</p> <p>Assessing motor/ tactile skills, written communication and subject knowledge.</p> <p>Task 1 For students who cannot access the task a pre-drawn cut out has been included.<br /> For assessment consider , did they choose the given handout to cut out or draw it on the grid paper, what the level of graphical skill is.</p> <p>Task 2 This could be a different task if not appropriate and possibly shown to all students in a pre-recorded video in the interest of consistency of delivery. e.g a specific activity in design and technology.<br /> This would also assess the ability to listen to instructions, which is an important part of design and technology.</p> <p>Task 3<br /> Written communciation, SPAG</p>
The Engineering Design Process in Action .Quick View

The Engineering Design Process in Action .

A NASA video presentation about the engineering design process in action at Desert RATS, or Research and Technology Studies, in Arizona. Learn about the next generation of the ATHLETE vehicle. See how the original design changed to allow a split into two robots and the addition of unique tools for exploration.