"Magnet" Unit with Worksheets/Activities
This science unit is prepared to teach all about the 'MAGNETS' in the subject of PHYSICS.This unit in the form of PDF file includes engaging, colourful, informative, visually stimulating and eye-catching photos and diagrams as per the topic need which rarely fails to stimulate a lively class discussion.

Magnet is one of the amazing elements available around us. It makes it different from other things due to unique arrangement of atoms micro level. Due to its use in number of the equipment from small to large scale its necessary for children to get the basic ideas about magnets and magnetism.

Colourful slides with beautiful pictures in unit will create a deep interest among students to learn this unit in a quick way. The language is also kept as easier as so an average student can also understand it very easily.

At the end of the unit it contains about 12 different worksheets and many activities which will help students to assess their knowledge and learning on this unit. Hope students will really enjoy this creative worksheets as a great tool to review for the exam preparation.

The following topics are included in this Unit:

1 Introduction: About Magnets
2 Characteristics of Magnets
3 How do two magnets interact?
4 Magnetism and Magnetic field & Magnetic field lines
5 What makes a Magnet magnetic?
6 Magnetic force and Magnetic materials
7 The causes of Magnetism & Arrangement of domain in object
8 Types of Magnets:
a. Permanent magnets
b. Temporary magnets
9 Compass & Earth as a Magnet
10 Use of Magnets
11 Magnet in different shapes and sizes
12 Natural magnets & Artificial Magnets
13 Electromagnets
14 Can you make the Magnet?
15 Making a simple Compass
16 Vocabulary Words
17 7- Activities
18 12-Worksheet

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