Highly motivational, top-notch penmanship practice pages on interesting topics that have kids clamoring for more. NO PREP, immediately downloadable. Fun Art & Nature Units in a magazine format with informative kid-size articles, fun activities, and much more!

pdf, 31.94 MB
pdf, 31.94 MB

Illustrated with beautiful full-color graphics, photos, and paintings by famous artists, this Art & Nature Science Unit on Nesting Birds, which was the second issue of Artistic Nature Magazine, includes the following features:

Nature Articles
Bird nests around the world, robin nest (cup), emperor penguin nest (feet), oriole nest (pouch), swallow nest (mud), hummingbird nest (world’s smallest), pileated woodpecker nest (tree cavity), wood duck nest, Eastern bluebird in crisis, bluebird nesting boxes, meadowlark nest (ground), gila woodpecker nest (cactus), burrowing owl nest (underground)

Science Journal Page
Nest types journal page to use again and again

Artist Masterpieces
Biography of American artist John James Audubon, with 2 of his paintings:

  • Blue buntings
  • Meadowlarks

Activities To Do
Gathering nesting materials for birds, attracting birds with water, decorated nest cupcakes, what to do when a bird is hurt, have a Mother’s Day tea

Parable of the Mustard Seed

Art Experiences
Decorating an egg or spatter-painting a natural-looking egg, how to paint a meadowlark, glue a bird on a nest and decorate with feathers and nesting materials, pictures to use for Mother’s Day cards, decorating the table for Mother’s Day.

“To the First Robin” by Louisa May Alcott, “Robin’s Secret,” plus 3 original poems by Joymarie Dunlap:

  • “God Taught the Birds”
  • “The Meadowlark’s Song”
  • “Waking Up to Bird Sounds”

Jonathan’s swallow nest story, Joymarie’s childhood – watching an egg hatch, “Kara’s Breakfast in Bed for Mama” by Joymarie and Jennaya Dunlap

Our Family and Home School
Bird watching, watching nesting swallows, watching a baby chick hatch, our son Justin’s meadowlark painting, Jennaya gets close to baby kingbirds, meadowlarks die off in the meadow by our house, Jennaya’s beautiful Mother’s Day tea

Coloring Pages (with art instructions and teaching)
Robin’s nest and apple blossoms, oriole pouch nest, barn swallow mud nest, tiny hummingbird nest, woodpecker tree-cavity nest, painted bunting nest (with high-school level coloring instructions for watercolor pencils), crossbill nest, wood duck nest, bluebird box and babies, saguaro cactus nest, vase of roses (Mother’s Day)

Fun Puzzle and Activity Pages
Nesting materials word search, hen house maze, nest mazes, egg picture to decorate, nesting birds crossword, dot-to-dot, “what’s different” in 2 nest pictures

EXTRA! Includes a special 10-page Mother’s Day section, with colorful pictures and sentiments to use in making Mom a card, instructions for having a Mother’s Day tea, a heartwarming and humorous story, and an article on how to love Mom in practical ways all year.

You can add in books, videos, other library materials or any other activity you choose to make this a unit study of your very own!

So download this book and get started on your Art & Nature Science Unit on Nesting Birds today!


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