10 x  30 hour ESL teaching resources - Complete 12-week spoken English course
Talk a Lot - Spoken English Course - A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English. The units are: Learning English, Films, Hospital, Books, Airport, Money, Places in the UK, Politics, Internet, and Australia.

Elementary Book 3

• Complete 12-week spoken English course

• 300+ hours of learning materials – with full answers

• Brand new and unique learning method

• Learn and recall questions, answers and negatives using 8 common verb forms

• Learn 400+ essential vocabulary words

• 100% photocopiable

This book is called Talk a Lot Elementary Book 3, but the skill range is fairly wide, including students at all levels between Elementary (CEF Level A2) to Pre-Intermediate (CEF Level B1). This means that the course is suitable for students studying for the Cambridge KET or PET examinations. Of course, teachers know the level of their students and will use the materials in accordance with what the students are able to (and want to) do. The verb tenses that are covered should be studied by all students at these levels, and the vocabulary words should be generally useful to students from Elementary upwards. However, some of the units may pose more of a challenge to true Elementary learners, because the vocabulary may be less familiar, e.g. Places in the UK and Australia. Similarly, some of the activities are more suitable for students at Pre-Intermediate level than Elementary, such as the Multi-Purpose Texts and Role Plays (although the teacher could adapt the role play situations for lower level students by simplifying them).

As before, the aim of this book is to teach students to think in English and Talk a Lot!

The Talk a Lot course objectives are very simple:

• Every student talking in English

• Every student listening to and understanding English

• Every student thinking in English, and

• Every student taking part in class

Talk a Lot is structured so that every student can practise and improve English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, word and sentence stress, and interpersonal skills, by working in pairs, groups and one to one with the teacher.

The main benefits of Talk a Lot are:

• Students have to think in English during lessons in a controlled and focused way

• Students learn how to memorise correct English structures naturally, without abstract and unrelated grammar lessons

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