2012 Sept Ofsted Observation Criteria & Others

These documents give you some information to help plan a fantastic lesson. If you are not meeting the right stuff on the grid you lesson is not good enough in ofsted speak. Some of the stuff is older and some is newer but a blend of items from all the documents should mean that everyone avoids an unsatisfactory obs. If you do all that it in the documents then should should be a little way there. I keep adding things in so please check back. I have just added a great document I got on a training course from an expert ex inspector. It has some great ideas. I just edited it a bit!


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  • carolbyro9 months agoReport

    Great suggestions thanks for sharing.

  • gofresa year agoReport

    Very useful stuff, the checklist will come in very handy! Many thanks.

  • thank you so much - this is really helpful!

  • Mehelaa year agoReport

    Very useful. Thanks!

  • taharaha year agoReport

    Very useful as I am planning an INSET training on how to move a lesson from good to outstanding. Thank you