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This is now the original 40 grammar dice games (a 145 page word document containing 40 fun grammar games) and also 38 more grammar games. Unlike a lot of sellers, my work is a Word document, so you can edit-and-adapt to make it work in your classroom. All of these games have been tested in class and adjusted if needed. They have a real impact on learning.
For each grammar skill there is:
a child friendly explanation of the concept; printable rules and resources for a lively dice game; suggestions to challenge or support learners; suggestions for application of the skill in written work.
For some grammar games there is also a lesson plan and a presentation.
Some of the games included are:
1. Mission Control - Write commands, questions and statements
2. Mythical Six
3. Simple or Compound
4. Adverb Sea Monsters
5. How many proper nouns? - Use proper nouns in a sentence
6. Castle of Nouns - Classify different types of nouns
7. The Memory Test – contractions
8. Apostrophe abductions - Identify possessive apostrophes and contractions
9. Synonym racers (adjectives) - Use more adventurous adjectives
10. Unplanned Story - Use sentence variety
11. Whose side are you on? - Learn the language of argument
12. Whose side are you on? (advanced) - Use extended arguments in a balanced discussion
13. Sentence Extenders - Extend simple sentences in a variety of ways
14. Battle of the complex sentences - Create complex sentences
15. Simple, compound or complex - Create simple, compound or complex sentences
16. Explanation game - Use causal connectives
17. Fronted adverbials - Use a variety of fronted adverbials
18. Warrior swords - Vary the length of fronted adverbials
19. Score my speech - Punctuate direct speech accurately
20. Score my interrupted speech - Interrupt direct speech by dropping a reporting clause in
21. The relative clause team game - Drop a relative clause into a sentence
22. Will you or won’t you? - Use modal verbs in sentences
23. ‘Time’ or ‘Place’ - Classify prepositions into two groups
24. Add a prepositional phrase - Add a prepositional phrase to a main clause
25. Punctuation show-offs - Use dashes, brackets and semi-colons
26. Plural planets - Explore 6 rules for making plurals
27. Battle words - Use this for any spelling rule!
28. Determiners ‘Point or show quantity’ - Learn all about determiners
29. Determiners ‘Introduce the noun’ - Classify and use determiners
30. Unstressed vowel race - spell unstressed vowels
31. Follow the rule/break the rule - spell ‘ie’ and ‘ei’ words
32. Creepy crawly colon sentences - Colons to explain
33. Colons to introduce lists
...and more!!!



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4 years ago

Fabulous! Thank you.


5 years ago

Great resource BUT the sea monsters game was missing - it's referred to in the lesson plan but resource is missing. Can you please send it to me?


6 years ago

Please could you upload the fronted adverbials PowerPoint again as it wont download. Thanks in advance.


6 years ago

Thank you so much for putting the time in.


6 years ago

Wow...Fantastic resource. This has saved me so much are a star. Thank you :)

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