4 and 6 figure grid references

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Collection of worksheets that I have found that can be differentiated for the class. One worksheet will require an OS map.


  • 4_and_6_Figure_Grid_References (Easier).doc
  • 6_figure_grid_references_ws_(new).doc
  • Four-and-Six Figure Grid References Worksheet (Challenge).doc
  • Lesson 5 grid references 2.pptx

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17 Reviews

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    user avatarHistorian875 months agoreport

    Great worksheets that make a good homework for Year 7 when covering Map Skills. Can set differentiated homework by option of 4 or 6 Figure sheet.

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    user avatarwillloza6 months agoreport

    Great resource. easy to follow

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    user avataraishapelmore8 months agoreport

    Thank you for the thorough work.

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    user avatarkrystina28 months agoreport

    Excellent as a filler sheet or homework - good for students to practice with.

  • 4
    user avatarlakshmiram8 months agoreport