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IGCSE Geography

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105 lessons for IGCSE geography themes 1, 2 and 3. All lesson are suitable for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. Population: 1 - Introduction to population 2 - Malthus vs Boserup 3 - Migration 4 - The demographic transition model 5 - Anti-natalist policy, the one-child policy 6 - Over vs underpopulation 7 - Cause of migration 8 - Voluntary vs forced migration - refugees 9 - Ageing population 10 - Population structure 11 - Youthful population 12 - Dense vs sparse population 13 - Jelly baby population Settlement: 1 - Settlement provision 2 - Settlement structure 3 - Settlement services 4 - Rural settlement service provision 5 - Urban settlement service provision 6 - Burgess model and the CBD 7 - Green and brownfield sites 8 - Problems in urban areas 9 - Manchester 10 - Urban regeneration 11 -Urbanisation 12 - Impacts of urbanisation 13 - Squatter settlements 14 - Squatter settlement case study - Dharavi Earthquakes and Volcanoes 1 - What are hazards? 2 - Structure of the earth 3 - Types of volcano 4 - Why live in hazardous areas? 5 - Volcano case study 6 - Earthquakes 7 - Disaster response in Haiti 8 - Disaster response in New Zealand Rivers: 1 - Hydrological cycle and drainage basins 2 - Erosion and deposition 3 - Landforms in the upper course 4 - Landforms in the middle course 5 - Landforms in the lower course 6 - Flooding 7 - Hard and soft engineering 8 - Rivers case study - Somerset 9 - Rivers GIS Coasts: 1 - Waves 2 - Coastal processes 3 - Landforms processes 4 - Erosional landforms 5 - Depositional landforms 6 - Coral reefs 7 - Threats to coral reefs 8 - Mangroves 9 - Hard and soft engineering 10 - Coastal case study 11 - Assessment Weather: 1 - Atmospheric circulation 2 - Measuring the weather 3 - Clouds Climate and Natural Vegetation 1 - Climate zones 2 - Hot deserts 3 - Climate graphs and deserts 4 - Ecosystems 5 - Rainforests 6 - Soil and biodiversity 7 - Opportunities in hot deserts 8 - Causes of deforestation 9 - Impacts of deforestation 10 - Managing the rainforest 11 - Desertification 12 - Sustainable management of the world Development 1 - Development indicators 2 - Industry 3 - Globalisation 4 - TNCs 5 - TNC case study 6 - Trade game Food production 1 - Introduction to agriculture 2 - Food shortages 3 - Food supply and shortages (1) 4 - Food supply and shortages (2) 5 -Food production (Indus Valley) 6 - Famine (Horn of Africa) Industry 1 - Industrial systems 2 - Types of industry 3 - Industrial zones case study Tourism 1 - Growth of tourism 2 - Pros and cons of tourism growth 3 - Eco tourism 4 - Tourism case study (Jamaica) Energy 1 - Growing consumption 2 - Non-renewable energy 3 - Renewable energy 4 - Fuelwood and other energy 5 - Nuclear energy 6 - Hydro-electric power case study 7 - Increasing energy Water 1 - Water supply and use 2 - Water stress 3 - Water management 4 - Lesotho Highland project Environmental Risk of Development 1 - Soil fertility and threats 2 - Deferestification 3 - Climate change and the enhanced greenhouse effect 4 - Managing the environment 5 - Conserving the environment For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details info@thisisgeography.co.uk
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The Big Geography Quiz 2020

Last year’s top selling Geography Quiz on TES Contains rounds on: Globalisation – Name the Logo Guess the Country Where in the World? Million Pound Drop Round What happened in 2020? Full instructions, answers and guidelines are provided, the PowerPoint is visually impressive, fully editable and easy to follow. Marking the quiz is a breeze as the team sheets allow for the entire thing to be peer-marked; the interactive scoreboard makes the tracking of scores equally straightforward! Buy in confidence from a TES recommended author! Feedback welcomed and very much appreciated.
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Geography Christmas Quiz

Geography Christmas Quiz - Christmas Interactive 10 Rounds and 70 Questions (Where is santa visiting?, What Country Am I?, Geography True or False, Identify the Flag, Anagrams, Link the food to the country, Design Challenge and more…) Complete with falling snow and the pulling of crackers! Product code: FUN/C8/QZ/71 ☞ Over 10 rounds and 70+ Questions. Christmas Quiz. This resource contains: ☞ 1xPowerPoint ☞ 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /70+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!! ☞ 3 sets of Editable Team Certificates (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Round 1: Where is Santa Visiting Identify the tourist attraction Round 2: European Countries Which country is Santa delivering presents to? Round 3: True or False Separate the truth from the lies Round 4: What’s the Flag? Use the image and name the flag Round 5: Who am I? Work out the answer from the description Round 6: Linking Round Link the food to the country Round 7: Anagrams Unscramble the letters Round 8: Wordsearch Find all the topical words within the time limit Round 9: Compass Directions Which way is it pointing? Round 10: Where is Santa now? Identify more tourist attractions Tie-Breaker- Design Challenge ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ ✿ This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class. ✿ This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves drawing an image top 3 score points. This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas. You may also want to check out these other great Cre8tive resources for your students ⇨ GCSE Geography 9-1 Revision ⇨ Big film and TV Quiz ⇨ Christmas Quiz - Christmas ⇨ History Christmas Quiz ⇨ Christmas Quiz Tutor Time
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The Geography of Asia

Lesson 1 on the new topic of Asia: From Boom to Bustees Full Lesson and Resources Scheme of Work for Topic also attached.
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OCR A Level Geography Question Pack

A pack of lots of exam-style questions, written by teachers, for the new OCR A Level Specification. They are useful documents for students to work their way through and create plans to how they would answer the questions. Topics included: Glaciated Landscapes Earth’s Life Support Systems Changing Spaces; Making Places Global Migration Power and Borders Future of Food Hazardous Earth Please note the other topics in the exam board are not there (e.g. Coasts etc.), only those listed above. Please note there are NO mark schemes; they are more to help students plan, rather than write the ‘perfect answer’. Please also note that these have been created by teachers and not the exam board.
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Geography Careers Display

A full board display to demonstrate/promote the wide-ranging and varied careers that studying geography can lead to. Included in the pack: Title letters (will require some patient cutting out) Career cards QR code menu lists - links to each of the career cards and provides students with more details about the role.
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Hot Deserts: AQA Geography All Lessons Bundle

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This is a six lesson bundle for the AQA GCSE Geography Specification for Hot Deserts. Each lesson is roughly one hour long and include a variety of activities, video clips and GCSE practice questions with guidance on how to answer them, The lessons use the examples of the Thar Desert and Badia in Jordan. Lesson titles include:- Environmental Characteristics Plant & Animal Adaptations Opportunities for Development Challenges of Development Causes of Desertification Reducing Desertification Hope this helps. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/markthegeographer
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AQA GCSE Geography : Climate Change All Lessons

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This bundle features all 6 lessons from the AQA GCSE Geography Unit 1A section on climate change. Each lesson has a variety of differentiated activities, exam questions with guidance, video clips and worksheets ready to photocopy or print. The order of the lessons is:- The Evidence for Climate Change The Natural Causes of Climate Change The Human Causes of Climate Change The Effects of Climate Change Managing the Impacts of Climate Change Adapting To Climate Change I hope this saves you valuable planning time. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/markthegeographer
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Christmas Atlas Skills - Geography

Fun and visually attractive, this Christmas themed atlas work sheet is great for end of term group activities. All you need is an atlas. A double sided Christmas themed activity sheet. Activities include: finding capital cities, finding countries, locating oceans, using data sets, drawing flags and using geographic language to describe locations - most with a festive theme. Also: draw a snowman, draw a Christmas tree and name all nine of Santa's reindeer. Included is a display slide with learning objectives and outcomes, an activity slide with instructions, teacher notes and a lesson plan. This resource was featured by the TES in their blog last year, and recieved a 5* review.
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Physical Geography KS2 Whole Scheme of Work

Primary Geography Key Stage Two SOW National Curriculum full SOW I have included everything you need to cover the Key Stage 2 Physical Geography National Curriculum. The work is divided into 16 sections. There are animated & interactive vibrant power points, maps, worksheets, starters, recaps/plenaries, basic lesson plan, IT activities & fieldwork opportunities. Each power point can be adapted to meet the needs of your learners. This will save you so much time. It is easy to follow and will help students build their confidence in geography. You can teach the sections at your own pace and the ppts can be easily tweaked to your class. The SOW has taken me over 120 hours to create everything. My aim is to improve the transition from primary to secondary geography. Suitable for a non-specialist. To help SEN students I have included a variety of learning styles. All font is in Comic sans, to support dyslexic learners. The scheme of work can be easily adapted to meet the needs of higher-level learners. There are two differentiated assessments. An interim assessment at the end of section 5 and after section 15. A student revision exam poster. Also includes IT activities and fieldwork opportunities. Includes: • Facts about the Northern and Southern Hemispheres • Locate the Equator & Prime/Greenwich Meridian • Use atlases, globes and maps • Use longitude and latitude • Locate the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn, Arctic & Antarctic Circle • Study different time zones • Use maps, globes & atlases to locate countries • Describe and explain key physical aspects • Locate the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe • Create an annotated field sketch • Recap and develop physical geography knowledge • Study physical geography in the UK • Develop bar graph skills • Cover world climate zones • Complete monitoring the weather fieldwork • Look at polar, temperate, and tropical climate zones • Identify a habitat, an ecosystem, a biome & a vegetation belt • Identify key physical characteristics & topographical features • Cover natural hazards • Physical features in Europe • Use 4-figure grid references • Locate countries in North and South America • Describe the water cycle • Compare geographical similarities and differences (UK, Italy & Brazil) • Case studies – UK, Italy, and Brazil • Complete the ks2 physical geography exam • Learn new key geographical words • IT activities Sources:Pixabay (unless stated) © Love Learning Geography Students will have everything they need to start key stage 3 physical geography. I have also created the full scheme of work for Key Stage 1. Thank you for looking at my resources. If you download or purchase any of my resources, I would really appreciate the feedback. I would love to hear from you! *I hope your students love learning geography :) *
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AQA GCSE Geography: Water Management Bundle

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included in the bundle are all the lessons for the AQA Water Management Section of Unit 2C. All the lessons are fully resourced and differentiated. Each is at least 1 hour long (some will be several lessons), include practice questions, video clips were appropriate, photocopying ready to print. key vocab and follow the Oxford textbook. One lesson does use the AQA Oxford Textbook (The Lesotho highland Water Project), but can easily be taught without. Lesson titles in order are: Global Water Supplies The Impact of Water Insecurity How Can Water Supply Be Increased? The Lesotho Highland Water Project Sustainable Water Supplies The Wakel River Basin Project Hope this saves you valuable planning time. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/markthegeographer
Geography dictionaryQuick View

Geography dictionary

For full description check out my blog - https://mrsgeographyblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/illustrated-geography-dictionary/
Geography - AfricaQuick View

Geography - Africa

Let’s learn about the geography of Africa! This resource includes a wide variety of exercises, map quizzes and puzzles about the geography of Africa. The answers and answer sheets are included. Overview: Page 1-2: Introduction Page 3-6: Countries & Capitals Exercises Page 7: Countries Map Quiz Page 8: Capitals Map Quiz Page 9-10: Geographic Features Exercises Page 11: Geographic Features Map Quiz Page 12: Word Search Page 13-14: Cut & Paste Page 15-16: Attractions Page 17-18: Fast Facts Page 19: Africa in Pictures Page 20: Disputed Territories Page 21: Reflection Extra: Additional map quizzes in different levels. You might also like these Geography worksheets: Geography of the World (Bundle) Europe South America North America Asia Oceania & Australia The Middle East Western Europe Southeast Asia Keywords: geography, maps, map quiz, countries, capitals, mountains, seas, rivers, attractions, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Sahara, Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx, Omo River Region, Ngorongoro Crater, Kruger Park, Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Djenne
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Geography Christmas Quiz

Geography Christmas Quiz - Christmas Interactive Christmas / End of Term Quiz aimed at KS3 or KS4 students. Every round is completely different and not just your boring Q and A style but instead each round tests a different type of skill. (Guess the Present, The Emoji Round, Where is Santa?, Christmas Crackers, Spot the Difference, True or False, Meme Challenge, and More… ) Product Code: FUN/C8/QZ/153 Full 1 hour Lesson ☞ Over 11 rounds and 62+ Questions. Christmas Quiz. This resource contains: ☞ 1x PowerPoint with questions and answers ☞ 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /62+ Marks ☞ 3 sets of Editable Team Certificates (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) Round 1: Identify the Christmas Present Guessing Christmas presents before they are unwrapped Round 2: Christmas Around the World Match the Christmas Greeting to the country Round 3: Christmas Cracker Jokes Let your class have a go at pulling the four interactive Christmas Crackers Round 4: Where is Santa is the World Identify the country from its landmass and flag Round 5: Spot the differences at Christmas Time Not as easy as it first appears. Which teams have a careful eye Round 6: Christmas Truth, Fake News or a Lie Good variety of Christmas themed questions Round 7: Emoji Christmas Round Say what you see catch phrase style to make the names of famous Christmas movies Round 8: But which two are right Christmas trivia and confusion Round 9: Anagrams Unscramble the countries Round 10: Multiple Choice Numbers Round Pick the right one Round 11: Identifying Landmarks Geo Round How good is your teams Geo Knowledge This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class. This will last a full hour for the full quiz by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves create a meme top 3 score points. This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas. You may also want to check out these other great Cre8tive resources for your students ⇨ Geography Christmas Quiz ⇨ Science Christmas Quiz ⇨ Drama Christmas Quiz ⇨ Maths Christmas Quiz ⇨ BREXIT - EU in or out this Christmas ⇨ History Christmas Quiz ⇨ Christmas Quiz
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Geography Year 1 Year 2

Geography activities for year 1 and year 2. All the print and go activities you need to teach geography unit The UK in KS1 plus a teaching tool Power Point. This product includes planning and resources for 2 weeks worth of lessons. A power point for each lesson, plus an end of lesson quiz. Printable activities for each lesson. Lesson 1 Name and locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans Choice of 4 worksheets Lesson 2 Name, locate and identify characteristics of the 4 UK countries and capital cities Activities - Colour UK Countries, label capital cities, label seas and oceans, UK landmarks cut and stick Lesson 3 Use basic geographical language Match words and pictures Label the locations Geographical questions Lesson 4 and 5 Identify physical and human features Local walk worksheet, Where I live, Draw a map, draw/label/sort physical and human features. Lesson 6 Use simple compass directions Label a map, directions, my school Lesson 7 Understand geographical differences and similarities Compare locations, compare countries, Lesson 8 Identify daily and seasonal weather patterns in the UK Daily weather charts Seasonal sorting Lesson 9 Identify hot and cold areas of the world Hot and cold climates of the world sorting Lesson 10 Assessment Quiz
KS3 Progress in Geography Knowledge OrganisersQuick View

KS3 Progress in Geography Knowledge Organisers

KS3 Progress in Geography Knowledge Organisers. Here is a sequence of knowledge organisers that work alongside the Hodder KS3 Progress in Geography textbook. They contain key words, definitions and key information about the topics in the textbook. They can be used as a revision tool alongside the KS3 curriculum or as a lesson resource. The knowledge organisers included are: Topic 1: What is a geography? (Part 1&2) Topic 2: Is Earth running out of natural resources? (Part 1&2) Topic 3: What is an economy? (Part 1&2) Topic 4: What is weather and climate? (Part 1&2) Topic 6: Why are rivers important? (Part 1&2) Topic 7: What is development? (Part 1&2) Topic 8: How are populations changing? (Part 1&2) Topic 9: What happens when land meets the sea? (Part 1&2) Topic 10: How is Asia being transformed? (Part 1&2) Topic 11: Can we ever know enough about earthquakes and volcanoes to live safe;y? (Part 1&2) Topic 12: What are the challenges and opportunities facing Africa? (Part 1&2) Topic 15: Climate change and the Earth’s future. (Part 1 only) Although there is 12 out of the 15 topics included in this package, the 3 topics that are missing are: Topic 5: Is the geography of Russia a curse or a benefit? Topic 13: How does ice change the world? Topic 14: Why is the Middle East an important region? On each knowledge organiser, there is space to put your school name so they can be personalised for each school.
KS2 Geography Farming in the UKQuick View

KS2 Geography Farming in the UK

These three lessons are suitable for upper KS2. Included in these three lessons are lesson plans, PPP , resources and weblinks including an opportunity for Children to interview a local farmer as well as watch the BBC programme – Jimmy’s Farm Heroes 2008 (1 hour in length), making notes about what is affecting today’s farmers the most. Children in Lesson 1 will compose questions to ask a farmer and interpret his/her answers In Lesson 2 children will understand the link between land use and economic activity. By the end of lesson 1 children will be able to ask open ended questions. Interpret information from different sources and evaluate, from interviewing, that there are physical and human characteristics that affect farming. By the end of lesson 2 children will successfully identify land use; Identify the effect of land use on economic activity. As well as identify the distribution of food from its origin. Included is a photo of some notes the class teacher took when interviewing a local Cornish Farmer. Lesson three - Farm to Fork This lesson follows on from Farming in the UK interviewing local farmers; giving opportunities for researching different types of farming, expressing views and opinions on farming and how food ends up on our plates. Answering questions: do you know where our food comes from? As a nation should we be supporting our local farmers? There are links to a number of numeracy lessons on how far food travels from farms to end up on the supermarket shelves. Websites provide information on locations of locally sourced food products, and who these farmers sell their produce to. It is not just dairy, rearing animals, crop growing; fishermen are also farmers, catching fish to sell at markets and restaurants. This lesson provides opportunities for discussion on farming life and the produce that is sold to supermarkets and other sources for profit.
GeographyQuick View


A worksheet with different activities focusing on physical and human geography.