40-lesson Working with Words Series One Scheme of Work

B and D Publishing’s Working With Words consists of a series of individual English lessons. There are four packs in the series. Each pack contains 40 different lessons. The work in each pack has been varied to provide lesson content for a wide range of abilities. The material in the resource packs has been designed to help in a variety of situations.

Heads of Department have found the series extremely useful for providing last minute lesson material for non-specialist teachers covering for absent staff.

Similarly the variety of differentiated lessons provided can meet the short-term needs of supply teachers.

Some of the resources provide useful revision work - particularly for the perennial problems with words such as ‘their’ and ‘there’ and ‘was’ and ‘were’.

A range of material in lighter vein is also included - crosswords, word-games, word-searches etc. Many teachers have found this material useful at the end of a project, as individual homework assignments, or as something just a little different at the end of term.

Free sample pages from Working with Words Series One are available here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/working-with-words-series-one-scheme-of-work-sample-pages-11936061

Working With Words Series One Contents

  1. The Silent K
  2. Crossword (1)
  3. Capital Letters
  4. Punctuating Speech (1)
  5. Punctuating Speech (2)
  6. Punctuating Speech (3)
  7. Synonyms and Antonyms
  8. What Do You Know?
  9. Crossword (2)
  10. Poetry Wordsearch
  11. Keeping a Diary
  12. Words which end in -FUL.
  13. Here and There
  14. Pre x
  15. Nouns
  16. Writing a Story
  17. Alphabetical Order
  18. School - vocabulary work
  19. Holidays - vocabulary work
  20. Capital Letters
  21. Crossword (3)
  22. Autobiography
  23. Vocabulary Work
  24. Similes
  25. Onomatopoeia
  26. Paragraphs
  27. Codes - see the opening paragraph of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.
  28. Specialized Vocabularies
  29. Writing about Television
  30. Adjectives
  31. Dictionary Work
  32. Writing a Story
  33. School Subjects
  34. Alliteration
  35. Telling a Tale
  36. Using a Dictionary
  37. Your Favourite School Subject
  38. Word Lists
  39. Magazines
  40. Word Chains

The regular licence enables you to use this resource with your own students. Copy, edit and provide the material to those students you teach in any medium or format for the purpose of educating them and/or their private study/exam revision.

The school licence allows you also to share this resource with colleagues at your school.



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