A Christmas Carol Workbook - 'Improving Language Skills through Literature' - WJEC English Language
A 40 page workbook using A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to practise WJEC English Language skills. This booklet contains Language Unit 2 proofreading exercises on the context of ACC, sequencing questions using events from the text, 'What impressions ...' questions using an extract from ACC, 'How does the writer ...' questions which help both Language and Literature examinations, 'Compare and contrast' questions, 'access, search and retrieve' questions and a list of possible character and theme questions. The resource was created because schools are not focusing so heavily on English Literature because of it no longer is used for schools' L2+. Using the Literature text to work on Language skills is an excellent way of addressing both examinations. This is an excellent workbook for lessons, homework or for catch up or tutoring sessions.
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