Complete schemes of work, lesson plans and powerpoints to teach Science, written by a current Head of Physics rated Outstanding in his teaching and currently working at a school rated Outstanding by OfSted

zip, 46.4 MB
zip, 46.4 MB
This is a bundle of 12 fully planned lessons and full PowerPoints to assist in the delivery of an Astrophysics course.

This not only fully completes the AQA Unit 9 scheme (Optional Astrophysics course) but would be ideal for running a Stretch and Challenge GCSE club

This course has excellent ideas, pictures and mathematical solutions to assist in the astrophysics sections of other examination boards

This bundle represents a saving of 46% on the purchase price of the lessons separately.

Version history:

v1.01 - Lesson 28.3 (Charge coupled devices) mathematical error corrected
v1.03 - Lesson 28.5 / 28.6 Error in formula corrected and wavelength scale reveres on spectral diagram
v1.04 - Lesson 28.10/11 typos corrected and magnitude formula sign altered
v1.05 - Lesson 28.12 corrected an error in the maths example. Added a work-through of a second question.



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5 years ago

Good value for money. Ready to teach presentations.


5 years ago

Wow. Amazing value. Thanks.


5 years ago

Excellent, clear and comprehensive resources. Gives clarity to empower confident delivery for new sylabus. Simple styling means option to easily adapt to yours and your students' taste. Depending on how you value your own time, I'd say it's easily worth the money, especially as the option units aren't included in the textbook.


5 years ago

Thank you for these brilliant resources have saved so much time! definitely worth the money.


5 years ago

This and the A2 resource bundle are such time savers - having recently introduced A level physics to the school and being the only Physics specialist, I need all the time savers I can get. Thanks!

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