Complete schemes of work, lesson plans and powerpoints to teach Science, written by a current Head of Physics rated Outstanding in his teaching and currently working at a school rated Outstanding by OfSted

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This is a bundle of all of the 4 main units of the A-Level Scheme of Work (Year 1) - fully up to date with the latest 2016 syllabus including:

Section 1 (Chapters 1 - 3) - Particles and Radiation
Section 2 (Chapters 4 - 5) - Waves and Optics
Section 3 (Chapters 6 - 11) - Mechanics and Materials
Section 4 (Chapters 12 - 13) - Electricity

Every single lesson in this 80 lesson scheme is step-by step explained with powerpoints for each lesson, including resource ideas and experiments and the 6 required practicals. All links made clear to the latest AQA syllabus

This is everything that a teacher or school needs to teach the entire AS course (Year 1 A-Level AQA). Designed around the AQA syllabus this scheme would be invaluable to anyone teaching any of the main exam boards (OCR and Edexcel).

Chapter 1 is also available FREE if you would like to sample the quality of this resource.

Every individual lesson is available to download at £2/lesson - Chapters are almost half price and this huge bundle of every chapter works out at only 50p per lesson PLUS information and guidance on the six Year 1 required practicals.

All links, page references and lesson codes are from the latest (2015/2016) Oxford University Press book (Both AS and A-Level)

Version history:

v2.00 - All book codes for homework linked to latest 2016 AQA book
v2.01 - Various grammar corrections; simplification of Kaon/Pion table in lesson on particle interactions
v2.02 - Addition of a worked example and summary to lesson 3.1, deleted a corrupted file from the diffraction grating folder
v2.03 Typo on 11.4 corrected
v2.11 - Revamp of chapter 8
v2.12 Renamed a file that was too long, causing issues. Improved PowerPoint 8.3 (labels on graphs)



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a year ago

Outstanding resource. This is going to save me so much time!!! Thank you so very very much. <br /> Also, in response to the comment below, the answers on the powerpoint are to the ones in the book, which it clearly states in the lesson plan. Its actually amazing flushflop took the time to write them all out so thoroughly. <br /> I've used the link someone kindly shared below in the comments to purchase a kindle edition of the book to use when tutoring online.


a year ago

Complete coverage of the whole course which is great, not the most detailed though, and a lot of slides have answers without questions. Makes my planning easier for sure, but still have to plan a fair bit.


2 years ago

I'm please with the lesson plan that goes with the lesson power point + the required practical. Thank you very much indeed!


2 years ago


3 years ago

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