A2 - Como Agua Para Chocolate study booklet

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This study booklet is intended to be used for the A2 cultural topics. Please use it /adapt it as required. There are supplementary exercises that go with it, plus some recorded sound files. The first part contains an exercise that I have adapted from a resource I found on the TES website. Thank you if that is your work.

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CreatedJun 5, 2015
UpdatedJun 5, 2015

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    user avatarscyganiak19 days agoreport

    Looks like a solid resource for the classroom. Thanks.

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    user avataramygrogan13 months agoreport

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    user avatarpcclarke4 months agoreport

    Thank you for sharing such an excellent resource. I'm going to make a copy for all my students as the info is perfect.

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    user avatarMademoiselleR10 months agoreport

    Thank you! This is really good. For those with issue downloading, are you using google chrome as a web browser? Try with Internet Explorer - I had no problem downloading it.

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    user avatarAnaT200910 months agoreport

    The link won't work for me either. Is there any other way to access this resource?

    • user avatarrobertjonleesReply from Author10 months ago

      I have emailed TES and they said that they have checked it and that there should be no problem downloading the resource. I will try to upload again and see if that helps.