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Founders- Abraham

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CreatedNov 11, 2011
UpdatedSep 19, 2012

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    user avatarHudsonmagwa4 months agoReport

    Detailed PPT

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    Thank you another great resource especially usefulfor making comparisons

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    Excellent powerpoints but to long for 1 lesson.

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    user avatarngriffiths5 years agoReport

    useful bits, our lessons are only 50 minutes so I can't use the whole lot but some good stuff

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    This is a good idea to compare two stories to show the common theme between the traditions. Unfortunately, the clip on slide 15 doesn't work. I also think that there is just a bit too much text. It takes a long time before students move on to any sort of task. It might be an idea to split up the separate stories and give a short snappy task between each, just to keep the motivation up.