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Algebra Simplifying Noughts and Crosses PowerPoint Games

This is designed as a whole class activity, dividing the class into two teams. It is a fun and engaging way of reviewing ideas. Students really buy into this and lots of learning happens if the opportunities for discussion are taken while answering the questions. This is a fun, engaging activity for the end of class.

There are two clickable games in this PowerPoint. It is an adaptation of a class game that is played on the whiteboard and works in the same way that Noughts and Crosses works, the object being to get 3 noughts or 3 crosses in a row but the students have to get answers correct in order to gain the nought or cross.

These two games concentrate on the basics of simplifying algebraic terms. Students become very engaged when playing this and so it is great for consolidating ideas - you, as teacher, will find opportunities to talk about concepts while playing it.

Divide the class in half (or play one group against another). Random individuals on each side of the class put their hand up and take turns to answer the questions. One team never has two turns in a row ie they never win two Os or two Xs in a row.

If an answer is correct then you click on the question and the answer appears - click on the answer for a O, click again for X. It’s very easy to play but make sure you have a little play with it before involving your class.

You may need to develop your own rules depending on the class. Play it once and you’ll know what is meant by this comment.

There are two games here. The PowerPoint opens straight away as a slide show (it takes a little longer to open than a normal PowerPoint so please be patient). Every second slide is a set of answers. There is also a pdf with the answers on it if you want to print it out but you don’t really have to if you have the inclination to work out the answers on the spot.

This is one of several Noughts and Crosses PowerPoint games that I have made. Normally there are FOUR GAMES in a set. If you like this resource then there are plenty of other Mathematics Noughts and Crosses games in my shop - as well as many other mix-and-match, sequencing, flash cards and ordering manipulatives for Mathematics.

There are another 12 sets of Noughts and Crosses PowerPoint Games in my shop.

Here is a list of them:

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  8. Geometry Angles 1
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  10. Measurement Perimeter Area Metric
  11. Number Order of Operations
  12. Statistics Mean Median Mode Range

You can visit my shop by clicking here.

Have fun!! Feedback is welcomed :)


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Created: Jul 10, 2017

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

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