Algebraic Fractions,add, -, equations, KS4 Higher

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Addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions, solving equations with algebraic fractions, includes many leading to solving quadratic equations by factorisation, completing the square or use of formula, (surds), with solutions (check answers, please), exam type questions, KS4 Higher Tier, challenging, useful for CW, HW, some accessible to accelerated KS3 students. Please leave a comment; it helps!



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    user avatartonupgilly7 months agoreport

    Excellent resource. Thank you very much for sharing

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    Well differentiated worksheets with a huge variety of algebraic fractions to simplify or solve.

    • user avatarhassan2008Reply from Author9 months ago

      Thank you Alison for your positive comment.

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    Fantastic for homework. Excellent variety. Just a couple of errors in the mark scheme, on section A 2,3,14,20.

    • user avatarhassan2008Reply from Authora year ago

      Thank you for your positive comment. I will see to the errors asap.

    • user avatarhassan2008Reply from Authora year ago

      I have corrected 2,3 and 20 but could not find an error in 14!

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    user avatarshahiraa year agoreport

    excellent resource for challenging most able students! very highly recommended! thanks for sharing

    • user avatarhassan2008Reply from Authora year ago

      I am glad it is of use to you and your students. Thank you.

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    Thank you for sharing - excellent revision material!

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