A large selection of resources regarding farm animals, polar animals, jungle etc etc etc...ranging from CLL, PSRN, creative etc - selection gathered from all over and created myself... Sure it will be of some use to you... PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :D


  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs.ppt
  • Animals around the world display.pub
  • a-z pictures.docx
  • countingspiders.pdf
  • explorer trail animals.docx
  • Farm_Animals powerpoint.ppt
  • howmany2.pdf
  • jungle_mum_and_baby_pics[1].doc
  • jungle_playing_cards[1].pdf
  • Junglepolar_sorting[1].pub
  • leaf for displays.docx
  • My favourite sea animal is a a.docx
  • The_Farm[1].pdf
  • Under_the_Sea_0-10_display_frieze[1].pdf

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6 Reviews

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    user avatarDibi3 years agoreport

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    user avatarBeax4 years agoreport

    molto utile grazie

  • 5

    Amazing set of resources - thank you for sharing your hard work in putting this together! I'll share this via the @tesEarlyYears Twitter feed in the coming week

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    Thank you for these resources. They are very useful for animal topics and this has saved me a lot of time.

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    user avatarpenden445 years agoreport

    Thank you some wonderful resources. These have saved lots of time and given me inspiration for our jungle topic. Thanks again. :-)