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A simple narrative of the Nativity story most suitable for Nursery or Reception children. It includes animated images to engage learners and very basic language for easy comprehension :-) Apologies to anyone who's downloaded this - I'm sure you've all noticed the deliberate mistake - Mary and Joseph didn't travel to Jerusalem - it was Bethlehem!! And me a Sunday School teacher too...the shame!! This was pointed out to me by my 7 year old daughter, so thanks Mari!!

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Christmas powerpoint

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CreatedNov 3, 2011
UpdatedDec 15, 2014

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    user avatarawmum343 months agoReport

    Lovely clear pictures and simple text. Thanks

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    Great graphics, but it needs to be amended. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem like this powerpoint says.

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    Tks a lot

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    user avatarHArnotta year agoReport

    Many thanks. Good for the younger years.

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    user avatarfigra2 years agoReport

    This will be really useful. Thanks!