APP Maths assessment/analysis grid Like a tick sheet but it does the hard work calculating totals and levelling. It works a bit like the SATs analysis grids. The best way to get to grips with this file is to download the ‘APP – example’ and look at the ‘How to…’ sheet. (take a look at print preview to get an overview) 3 levels of understanding can be recorded 0 – not able to do this 1 – demonstrates ability to do this in class 2 – can do this independently I’ve developed this file as The final sheet is for storing digital copies of evidence.


  • app assessment blank.xlsx
  • APP -example.xlsx
  • app assessment blank.xls
  • APP -example.xls

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    Thoroughly useful and easy to follow and helps anyone trudgin through APP

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    Any chance you can save it to the old Edexcel as can't open these files and looks a great resource!

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    user avatarhappycat236 years agoreport

    fantastic resource, thank you for sharing

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    user avatarmantilla6 years agoreport

    This will be really useful for me as I try to get more organised with APP!

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    This is a fantastic help! A real time saver! Thank you so much for sharing it! :)