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I've been teaching A-level biology for years and have spent several hours developing resources to the highest possible standard. They are designed to maximise class time - spending less time on learning facts, with a focus on application and the processing of information.

This bundle contains pre-work, PowerPoints, bespoke class notes, additional resources and a marks scheme for the Year 2 Biology topic of Respiration (AQA).

The class notes, PowerPoints and all other resources are fully editable to suit your style of teaching. They make reference to, and may require students’ to access both the Toole & Toole and AQA A Level Biology Student Book 2 (Lowrie & Smith) for independent study.

The pre-work contains links to websites and videos, but also requires students’ to complete a topic glossary and label an image in the the folder dividers - a multi-purpose resource available on TES (not included in this bundle). The pre-work should be completed prior to the lessons because students’ are then tested on their understanding of the material in the pre-work as the topic is taught.

The PowerPoints and bespoke class notes are designed to maximise lesson time so students’ can quickly grasp factual content before moving on to the application of their knowledge through problem solving activities that demand processing of information (contained in the class notes). The PowerPoints are animated and contain as little text as possible, so the necessary factual information is more obvious to the learner. The PowerPoints provide ample opportunity to test the students’ recall and understanding of the pre-work.

The ‘Topic overview’ sheet is the relevant section of the specification, re-written as a check list. Students’ can write up their notes after the topic has been taught in a format they feel most comfortable with (i.e. flashcards, posters, A4 notes). I instruct my students’ to handwrite their topic overview, unless they have access arrangements in examinations. An exemplar student topic overview is included in the Biological molecule bundle.

If upon purchasing these resources, you need any support, I'll do my utmost to help.



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3 years ago

Excellent resource - incredibly useful. <br /> Do you have a mark scheme for the respiration pre-work 1 and 2?


4 years ago

Please fix electron transport chain PowerPoint. Cannot open it for some reason. Seems to be corrupted

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