Area & Circumference of Circles. Worksheet

To be used after both area and Circumference has been taught as a consolidation lesson or as a revision lesson towards exam time.

This worksheet also includes compound shapes made with circles.

Many thanks to Lois Lewington for correcting a few repeats and providing the solutions to the questions for us.


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    salmanq21 days agoReport

    Really good resource. The level of difficulty goes up from the second question onwards and poses some challenging questions

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    skaniarua month agoReport

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    tonycarter452 months agoReport

    Perfect - I like the increasing level of difficulty. Just right for my Year 8 class. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sully20032 months agoReport

    Where are the answers??? Can somebody copy and past them here so I could use them

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    Brilliant for a mixed ability class