Area and Perimeter - Rectangles / compound Shapes

Differentiated lesson going from basic concepts to problem solving and SAT questions. (groups on the whiteboard file refer to the ability tables I have in my class - more sides = higher ability) I have this on the board whilst they work so they can progress from whatever starting point they come in at ('Teacher's Toolkit': upwardly mobile)

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  • pipinglass2 months agoReport

    great resource, thanks for sharing

  • deeley4 months agoReport

    really helpful and lots of open ended questions - thank you.

  • Mr_Fant5 months agoReport

    To access the flipchart go to activinspire and download the free personal version.

  • mdt97466 months agoReport

    Great resource. Love it that you have it on the Activeboard.

  • Pygmy_squid7 months agoReport

    This is superb thank you! I love your style, bold colours and simple steps. I am modifying this for my year 5s, borrowing bits and adding bits of my own.