Argument Analysis Propaganda and Logical Fallacies
Critical analysis of texts is a strong focus of the CCSS. This lesson is designed with PPT lectures, student notes, and engaging activities to help you instruct your students to better understand and evaluate the fundamentals of arguments and persuasive techniques. This lesson focuses on identifying and analyzing the use of propaganda and logical fallacies including: Bandwagon, Circular Reasoning, Name Callilng, Ad Hominem, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain-folk, Appeal to Tradition, Begging the Question, Hasty Generalization, False Cause, Non Sequitur, False Dilemma, Logical Parodox, and False Analogy.

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Evaluating Arguments and Persuasion

This Lesson Includes:
-Teacher's Guide
-Common Core Alignment
-PPT Lecture
-Student Notes
-Engaging Activities
-Close Reading Activities

Each section has its own editable PPT lecture, with student notes and integrated student activities. At the conclusion of the unit the bundle includes structured worksheets to evaluate a contemporary debate issue, using new knowledge and skills.
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