A brief warm up/review activitiy using numbered cards to find mean, median, mode and range, with simple starter questions followed by learners selecting numbers to fit the conditions. Some are not possible, I might add. Colourful and kinaesthetic, as my learners like it to be. Enjoy.


  • average and spread with numbered cards.ppt
  • average and spread with numbered cards old PP.ppt
  • numbers  set with zeros.doc

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4 Reviews

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    This is a really nice idea which I can use immediately without any modification. Thank you for sharing.

    • user avatarcolinbillettReply from Authora year ago

      Many thanks - have fun!

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    user avatarJennyCreed5 years agoreport

    really godd activity for low ability year 8 students who loved playing it to reinforce their mean, median, mode and range.

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    user avatarmithellv5 years agoreport

    Just what I needed to review these topics with some year 9s, but great for any KS3ndepending on ability.

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    user avatarjunehicks5 years agoreport

    Thank you :)