Black History Month Malcolm X Close Reading Unit
Malcolm X's great speech "Ballot or the Bullet" speech was incredibly influential during the civil rights movement. His use of rhetoric and figurative language offers students a great opportunity to understand the basics of analyzing the rhetorical situation, mood and tone, rhetorical appeals, author's purpose, and point of view. This 4-5 day unit teaches the fundamentals of analyzing informational text with the unique acrostic "R.E.A.D.S"

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Black History Month Speeches Bundle

Close “R.E.A.D.S”
Recognize (purpose, tone, point of view)
Evaluate (support)
Analyze (rhetoric)
Develop (questions and judgments)
Summarize (the main idea of the text)

This Unit Includes
1. Common Core Alignment
2. Student Notes and Handouts
3. Teacher "day by day" schedule
4. Speech for Analysis
5. Writing Task and Rubric
6. PPT lectures to facilitate student notes (54 slides)
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