Children study Boudicca’s rebellion.
They consider life as a Celt under Roman rule and learn what went wrong to cause the rebellion led by Boudicca. They sequence the events leading to the Battle of Colchester and use music and dance/drama to act this out. Finally they paint a portrait of Boudicca.

- Topic Overview
- Block Overview

- Lesson 01: The Queen of the Iceni
Children think about what life was like in a Celtic tribe when the Romans were in Britain. They play a game to reinforce their knowledge.

- Lesson 02: The death of King Prasutagus
Children learn about the events leading up to Boudicca’s rebellion and use a simple script to create a short drama depicting these events.

- Lesson 03: Boudicca's rallying cry
Children learn more about the events leading to Boudicca’s rebellion and write a rallying speech to be give by Boudicca to the Celts.

- Lesson 04: The Battle of Colchester
Children learn about the battles fought between Boudicca and the Romans. Using soundtrack of Mornay’s dream, they perform a dance/drama of the Battle of Colchester.

- Lesson 05: The story ends and the legend begins
Children learn how Boudicaa’s rebellion ended and create a portrait of Boudicca showing her character as a warrior and a proud leader of her tribe’s people.

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