This is a revision activity for Higher GCSE 9 -1. Students work through the questions on the sheet to revise facts and procedures for a range of topics. Calculators are allowed.

I designed this for a pre-exam breakfast revision session for a group of students working at grades 6 - 8. There are two separate workouts, each should take 15 - 30 minutes.

Answers are provided. If you find any errors please let me know.

For a similar but longer version of this task, designed for a one hour revision lesson, visit this link:


  • Calculator-breakfast-workout-Higher.pdf

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    A really nice resource to quickly practice skills that pupils may be expected to use in their GCSE paper, providing a great way to see anything pupils might need reminders that can be quickly resolved.

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    user avatarkes84 months agoreport

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    user avatarArissa5 months agoreport

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    user avatarSteM5 months agoreport

    A really useful, quick, resource to soothe last minute nerves! Thank you

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    user avatarncloud15 months agoreport

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