Two engaging activities to demonstrate and investigate inverse proportion in real life situations. Includes starters etc. There is a lesson plan, a PowerPoint and handout. There is plenty of differentiation included but it is mostly for middle / top sets (Yr9 / 10)

See for further ideas and resources about teaching mathematics.


  • Breakfast Shift (Higher).flp
  • Breakfast Shift (Medium).flp
  • Breakfast Shift (Higher).ppt
  • Breakfast Shift (Medium).ppt
  • Breakfast Shift (Basic lesson plan).doc
  • Handouts.doc
  • Breakfast Shift Data and Charts(1).xls

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26 Reviews

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    user avatarmgecob7 months agoreport

    great resourse, my year 10s loved it!

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    user avatarDaveGale9 months agoreport

    I really like the modelling opportunities in this lesson. There's something about the context that makes sense and may well appeal to those thinking about becoming nurses, doctors or business leaders. A great idea that goes further than the classic inverse proportion questions.

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    Gave me some new ideas

    • user avatarnyima_drayangReply from Authora year ago

      Thanks. It was developed with colleagues in Seaham School of Technology. I particularly like the suprising way (for me anyway) how the graph turns out.

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    user avatarDipple2 years agoreport

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    user avatarsupallama2 years agoreport

    This is just the sort of thing I was looking for - thanks so much for sharing!