This unit of work covers understanding and analysis of this important and topical issue. Students are asked to evaluate the facts and give their opinion through a range of activities. This issue asks students to create poems to reflect their opinions.
This resource is an issue that students cover in the Burnet News Club (


The European Union (the EU for short) is a club with 28 member countries from Europe. Its purpose is mainly to make it easier for member countries to trade (buy and sell things) with each other. There are laws and rules that member countries have to follow.

On June 23rd Britain will hold a referendum in which voters will choose whether to stay in or to leave the EU. The outcome will have a big effect on our economy, on politics and on Europe.


  • BNC-2016_Issue4_Brexit_A3-Infographic-poster.pdf
  • Brexit-Powerpoint-V3_Aug2016.pptx
  • BNC-2016_Issue4_Brexit_FULL-ISSUE_Download_Aug2016.pdf

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    user avatarrobmarka month agoreport

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    user avatarVikki4589a year agoreport

    The slam poetry is a brilliant idea! We got some good ones!

    • user avatarEconomist_FoundationReply from Authora year ago

      That's great news Vikki! Our club members did too - you can see some of their poems here: If you have any of your students' poems online, we'd be happy to share them on our social platforms!

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    Excellent presentation. Thanks ever so much.

    • user avatarEconomist_FoundationReply from Authora year ago

      Thank you Catherine, we hope your students enjoy the resources.

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    I can't wait to use this!