British Values: Diverse Britain

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( KS3/4 differentiated PP, clips, worksheets)
Used for either formtime or Citizenship, this lesson can be split over short sessions or used for a full hour. This is part 2 of a double lesson where students explore the varied ethnicities who have settled in and contributed to Britain over thousands of years and then create their own family tree.
Starters, worksheet and clips included.
Credit to Vox Pops International for clip.

Part 1 is here:

Suitable for KS3/4, designed to meet Ofsted Good-Outstanding criteria, differentiated to three levels of challenge, tasks for either group or individual work and homework set.

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CreatedSep 2, 2016
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    user avatarPolo19825 months agoReport

    Interesting, well differentiated, loads to do - very useful thanks