BTEC Level 2 Business Unit 3 Finance

BTEC Level 2 Unit 3 Finance - students watch the presentations which include videos and activities and take notes. Combined with class activities and own research this should give them most of the unit. I made this for my group so though I would share - if you like this then pop into for more free ideas.


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  • KerryMaca year agoReport

    Great! It's good when students can relate to a theme and this is very visual. Well done!

  • I just found the BTEC Level 2 Business Unit 3 Finance resource on Bright Sparks and its just what I needed, thank you. I am using it for Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Business: Unit 2: Finance for Business. I am still deciding on the best way to use the worksheet, whether or not to print out a hard copy for the students to complete by hand or let them have a soft copy to complete on the computer? Any feedback from other users of this resource would be appreciated!

  • Fantastic resource, thank you!

  • karentandy3 years agoReport

    This is great - thank you!

  • bizent3 years agoReport

    Brilliant! My BTEC group loved this. Thanks for sharing