Building Learning Power 4Rs display

A set of display labels to support your class display of 4Rs or BLP. Includes Relationships rather than Reciprocity and all the learning muscles associated with each R. (The colours differ from that used in Guy Claxton's book but they are on editable Word format if you'd like to change them). The BLP slogan reads 'Being stuck is the beginning of learning, not the end!


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    janchurcha year agoReport

    Fabulous! Thank you so much for this...very useful for our new Assessment Centres for timetabled Independent Learning time

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    Waiguoren2 years agoReport

    What lovely resources. Thanks for your help!

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    What a great resource - Thank you!

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    elbelle4 years agoReport

    Brilliant - thanks so much, they will be very useful!

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    Nice visual posters on Building Learning Power for the classroom.