This resource pack focuses of the force of buoyancy and includes a series of 4 lessons and all the resources needed to teach them.

There are also additional activities that can be incorporated into the programme of study.

Lesson 1 - a recap of forces, testing pupils prior knowledge and filling in any gaps with practical demonstrations and video clips

Lesson 2 -introduction to buoyancy with 2 practical investigations for pupils

Lesson 3 - an investigation into the buoyancy of drinks cans

Lesson 4 - designing and testing a boat

Some of the presentations contain links to videos on YouTube (they are not my property so I couldn't upload them here). If you can't get YouTube in your school consider ripping the videos onto your hard-drive to use, there are several pieces of software, or websites, where this can be done free of charge.

Please feel free to adapt the resources as you see fit, they have all being uploaded in editable formats. If you find the resources useful please comment on TES and share them with other teachers.



  • 2a-Drawing-Forces.ppt
  • 2b-Forces-Note-Taking-Sheet.ppt
  • 3-LESSON-2-Buoyancy-Intro.ppt
  • 3a-Tin-Foil-Challenge.ppt
  • 3b-Sinking-Egg-Investigation.ppt
  • 4-LESSON-3-Drinks-Can-Investigations.ppt
  • 4a-Drinks-Cans-Investigation.ppt
  • 4b-Drinks-Can-Investigation-Results-Table.pptx
  • 4c-Drinks-Cans-Predicted-Results.ppt
  • 5-LESSON-4-Buoyancy-Boat-Challenge.ppt
  • Float-or-Sink-Investigation---Instructions.ppt
  • Forces-Crossword.ppt
  • Salt---Sugar-Challenges.ppt
  • Sugar---Salt-Solution-Results-Table.ppt
  • 1-Buoyancy-Lesson-Outline---Vocabulary.pptx
  • 2-LESSON-1-Forces-Recap.ppt

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    user avatarNesreen2 years agoreport

    Thank u

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author2 years ago

      You're Welcome - I hope the resources were useful.

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    Thank you for these. I have passed the links on to colleagues too.

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author2 years ago

      I'm glad the resources were useful and thanks for sharing the links :-)