C.2.b. Development - Intellectual, Cognitive & Language Acquisition

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One of over 70 PowerPoint presentations (Sets 7 – 12 plus Options) which together cover the new Year 2 A Level topics and Options A, B and C for WJEC. A further 54 presentations are available for Year 1 core topics.
• Utilizes the benefits of the staged display of information and powerful imagery.
• Suitable for a single computer, network, interactive whiteboard or digital projector.
• Fully editable in PowerPoint (.pptx file supplied).
• Works on all operating systems where MS PowerPoint has been installed, e.g. Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android (this presentation is flash-free).
• Our presentations save you hours in the preparation of high quality lessons.

To preview at least 12 complete presentations or for a Site/VLE licence please visit http://www.sserltd.co.uk/acatalog/WJEC_Biology.html

This presentation supports the requirements of the new WJEC specification (Option C) as regards specific aspects of neuroscience, i.e. how the brain develops and that there are critical periods for certain aspects of human learning and language acquisition.

Currently, the TES store for Premium Resources only allows a PowerPoint preview to consist of one content slide plus the Cover Slide and End Slide. Therefore, we have included a view of all of the slides plus some other information as images (.png files) to allow you to appreciate the full content of this presentation - you do not need to retain these images after download - just keep the .pptx file.

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