This is an Edexcel C1 revision activity based on the idea shared by Mel in this post:

Each student is given 12 questions (on A4) and a clock face (on A3). Students write their workings and answers in each section of the clock. Every 5 minutes or so students should be moving on to the next question/section. If all goes to plan they complete all 12 questions in a one hour lesson.

This revision activity allows students to practise working under timed conditions and keeps them on task and engaged throughout the revision lesson.

I have made two versions, both with answers.

In the first version, the questions are taken from old practice papers and are fairly straightforward. Some of my students got through these questions in 30 - 40 minutes.

In the second version, the questions are much more challenging. These questions are taken from IYGB papers from the brilliant website


  • Keeping-time.pdf
  • Keeping-Time-C1.docx
  • Keeping-Time-C1---Harder-Version.docx

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    user avatarFlapjackcake4 months agoreport

    A great way to organise your thoughts before the exam. Would recommend it helped me a lot!

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    This is an excellent idea and it is well presented. Thank you for sharing. I have adapted it for smaller sections of a lesson. Please do visit my shop for a copy.

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    user avatarshaiaa year agoreport

    really useful, thanks for sharing

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    Great way of introducing a bit of variety

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    user avatarewestona year agoreport

    This resource is excellent, especially since there are 2 different versions as this means it can cater to the range of abilities within my group. Alternatively you could get students to try the easier version first and then really stretch their understanding with the harder questions. Thanks for sharing!