scheme of work about living in towerhamlets and the different religious things you can see around you- particularly looking at the central line


  • can you see the world from your window all in one.ppt
  • brick lane mosque worksheet.doc
  • central line map to annotate.ppt
  • colour buddha.ppt
  • gurdwara wordsearch.doc
  • history of brick lane flow chart to cut out.ppt
  • how do you see the world print onto a3.ppt
  • london buddhist centre paragraphs.ppt
  • map leyton.jpg
  • map leyton2.jpg
  • map morpeth.jpg
  • religion street.doc
  • St Paul’s Quiz.ppt
  • St Paul’s Quizanswers.ppt
  • synagogue cryptogram.doc
  • Key words and definitions.doc
  • Key words and definitions blank.doc
  • Key words and definitions first letter.doc
  • Key words and definitions jumbled.doc
  • key words EAL sheet.ppt

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    user avatarsensoRE6 years agoreport

    A lot of hard work here from the teacher, who is clearly based in a very exciting multicultural area for RE. It's not clear if the Central Line work is part of a trip or whether it is classroom based. Information is very detailed, (perhaps too much, it's overwhelming) but it certainly will help other people doing similar work on East London.