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Save time and increase student interest and review related vocabulary with this bingo game. Full version includes over 60 clues and 25 total bingo cards. No two bingo cards are alike. Each clue contains a statement, definition, example or fill-in-the-blank which corresponds to a square on the card.

Vocabulary: All organelles, mitosis, meiosis, Hooke and 4 other cell pioneers, active, passive transport, osmosis, diffusion, prokaryotic, eukaryotic and cell theory.

Part of the Life science bundle and Super cell megapack

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Teaching suggestion: Have students silently or with a partner read over their cards before beginning and allow them to ask questions before starting. Teacher reads the marker chip and students must find their corresponding marker and place it on the appropriate spot.

Allow students to mark any square/spot/answer that fits the marker.
When a student has 4 in a row and calls bingo, they must read aloud the marker and square chosen. If they are correct, they win. Clear cards, trade cards (teacher's choice) and play again. If they are incorrect, the first student who raises their hand and corrects the mistake gets to cover any square of their choice as a bonus (promotes listening). Game continues.

To make long lasting cards, run on card stock and laminate. It's easy to add in your own clues or even use worksheets or workbooks for additional clues.

Markers include graphics which help students visualize concepts.
Teacher can choose which clues to use or use all to review, introduce a unit or assess student background knowledge.

DIFFERENTIATION NOTE: Some cards are easier (title aligned right) and some harder (split title); most are mid level.


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