4 ch phonics worksheets: 1) circle the correct word (2) join the letters to make the words (3) unscramble the letters (4) word search. There are two versions of each worksheet: a PDF version and editable version

  • ch phonics worksheet (join the letters to make the word).pdf
  • ch phonics worksheet (join the letters to make the word).ppt
  • ch phonics worksheet (unscramble the letters).pdf
  • ch phonics worksheet (unscramble the letters).ppt
  • ch word search.pdf
  • ch word search.ppt
  • ch-phonics-worksheet-(circle-the-correct-word-to-go-with-an-image).ppt
  • ch-phonics-worksheet-(circle-the-correct-word-to-go-with-an-image).pdf

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    user avatardragaa month agoreport

    thank you.

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    I like the general activity but this worksheet features one brown figure for the word "punch," and then all white cartoons for the rest. This is not the type of worksheet I want to be using with my students.

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    user avatartanyarogers2 months agoreport

    looks really helpful to use with my 5 year old son at home to help him with his phonics

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    user avatarvmaheshwari2 months agoreport

    good resource, thank you

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    thanks a lot for your help