Chi Squared Tests

A basic powerpoint explaining step by step how to do Chi Squared. I used the summary 'how to slide' to make credit card sized versions for my students. I was amazed that when we came back to do some practice a few months later all but one still had the laminated mini version in their walets. All PPTs include answers and working including the homework sheets.


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  • polette2 months agoReport

    I can only see one powerpoint, the h/w one? Where are the other two?

  • Goat22 months agoReport

    Clearly set out but thank goodness Chi-squared without the genetics. Will be in use next week!

  • biotechie6 months agoReport

    Various scenarios - very useful

  • elenc9 months agoReport

  • Saved me a lot of time making something similar. Thank you!