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CreatedDec 8, 2008
UpdatedDec 10, 2013

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    user avatarcmhare3 years agoReport

    Great resource for bringing Christmas back to Christianity. Thanks - will use it in PSHCE this year in KS2.

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    user avatarCluck15195 years agoReport

    Thank you for some useful ideas as I start to prepare an assembly for school.

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    user avatarcn1761685t6 years agoReport

    ank you. We were discussing today how commercialism has taken over and this is visual and gets the message across- let's not forget about the real message of Christmas.

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    user avatarpibydd6 years agoReport

    I can see my class totally going for this. Thanks

  • 3

    What a beautiful poem. A fantastic poem with a lot of food for thought, I'll be using this in church as well as with my class Thanks

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